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There are many low spin premium shaft in the market but usually quite costly.  Also, should try shaft with low kick that will increase the lauch and sometimes no need to change the driver's loft.  For me, I found lock kick on a low spin, stiff shafts provides more feedback, but you should try out yourself.
It doesn't concern me, does it for you?  If they are not in competition and not affecting others, if using non-conforming or others training aids that will make them enjoy the game and have fun, and bring in more people to the game, then go ahead.  What would I care if someone you don't know playing in front or behind you on the weekend using non-confirming clubs?  Unless slow play,... that will affect you! 
Watch this video and surprised.  It's a punch elbow (and usually for hitters?).  She said it will create straighter shot, but what happen if you turn your hip too fast, your elbow stuck, => pull shot, slice etc?  Totally contradict to elbow position for creating lag.   Do you agree on what is taught or is this a good fix for some particular players?
There are a few famous janpanes club maker that make non-comforming clubs for the Asia market, such as: Katana - IZU Max Hi55 Driver US$ 1,485 , on-off - 2013 GIII Iron US$ 1,975 and Ryoma D1 special tuning US$ 1,200.  The target market is the seniors with shafts very light and soft.  Only seniors will use it and mostly new players and high handicap players.  They only plays with friend and they all know about the non-conforming.  It did help bring in more new senior...
This is what I carry for your reference: 52, 56 and 60.  If you want to keep your 50, then a 54 and 58 may be a good choice.  Or just get one 56 with a lot of bounce to start.   You may want to check out the Quickie pitching thread in here which show you a way to use bounce and distance control.  Very good indeed.
The wide takeaway, creating length in the backswing is being taught nowadays, what effect or difference will it creat for the early wrist break?   Does it creat less length? and is this move really necessary?
  Here's the move that wreaked havoc on my back. Although it looks like I've completed a full turn, too much of it has come from my hips (see photo). My right knee is straight because the majority of my weight is stuck on my left side. This tips my torso toward the target and increases the pressure on my lower spine. Read More http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/2013-05/photos-rickie-fowler-fix-swing#ixzz2RleekY36   This is found in the current Golf...
Is this the reason for both Ricky and Dustin releasing their right hand bent after impact as saw in the video?  It was discussed that in another thread that the norm is no release.
I have watch and read (golf channel, golf fix, magazine) etc talking about the first move down is to move the hip first, and even moving the hip before the backswing end to create more lag or angle...   I just wonder if this is a must?    For me, I feel my hip and shoulder move at the same time from the top.  As the start down is so fast, maybe this is my feeling, or maybe I can't do the hip move first.  However, if I intentionally move the hip first, the club...
Hi Erik,  I do not fall into the two extreme but when my shaft is parallel to the target in the downswing, my hands are not in front enough in front of the hip or more, resulting in losing the angle and not hitting as far as wanted.   Should I push more with my right palm coming down to keep the angle, or slide more allowing the arm to come down more? 
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