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Good start to the predictions, i'll be very impressed if you've got this weekends winner too!
Ping G25 is a great driver and has just gone down in price!
I really like the Titleist Velocity, as requested it flies off the driver with low spin.
Ping K15 range of hybrids and woods are very forgiving and have offset to help counter that slice!
If people think we wear silly outfits to play golf, cycling just kicked our ass!
The Masters...Rory McIlroy US Open...Justin Rose The Open Championship...Rory McIlroy PGA Championship...Luke Donald
Interested to hear why, could you share that story please?
Think all golfers know exactly how this feels, it's the feeling that makes this game addictive! Love the photos, thanks for posting!
I'll answer your questions the best I can...   1. What do you look for when looking for a driver? What’s most important to you? Brand and whether I think it'll be right for my game.  2. What is your price point when shopping for a new driver? I've paid £200 for a brand new one before. 3. Where would you go to purchase a new driver? My club pro shop or online. 4. Do you do any sort of research before purchasing? (i.e: looking up reviews, asking a friend, etc.) Yes, I...
Haha that really made me chuckle! Losing balls like when hit down the middle seems to happen to most people I know, very rarely but probably more in the autumn when those darn leaves are all over the place.
New Posts  All Forums: