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ok thanks, i took the penalty, but seems silly to me, as my ball was easily in play, but i couldnt swing at it thats all... i could understand if it was a tree or some thing like that...
Thanks for the info, mates i play with always seem to miss the rules a bit, but as none of know the official ruling on it we cant argue too much... but now i do. thanks again
Hi again...    Also could seem to find, or understand what i did find... If a ball from hitting off the tee goes 'out of bounds' or in the water on the full, is that a compulsory re-tee?   Thanks,    Lincoln 
Hi guys...    Was playing last week with some friends, and my ball WAS still in play, but i could not take a swing as the boundary fence was too close... was i intitled to a free drop? my friends say no, were they right?
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