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Vision still make the easiest to follow golf ball. Quite a good ball too. Used to be able to get the from smt. Oddly the yellow is easier to see in the air but harder in some types of rough.
My brother has the tps 6.0 and I have tried the 7.0. Both would be still on par with current irons for forgiveness. Would use either club without a second tought. The older TPS are a bit of an Ping Eye 2 copy. Not a bad thing as they are a reliable design that people still play today. You would likely want to upgrade in the future though.
MD generally use good parts in their clubs and perform well above their price point. I might lean towards them. Their Superstong clubs would represent a worthwhile upgrade.
That set looks quite good. I'd keep it for a while following the driver, woods, hybrids and finally irons, putter replacement. Maybe one every year.
If you've already broken your driver the Adams seem like a good way to go.   Gradually, you will replace your driver, woods, hybrids, irons and putter... often in that order.  Adams GT irons are a nice basic design that will not be significantly upgraded by any other in the market.
A 5 wood is a pretty versatile club and well worth owning a good one. Even if you perfect the driver. I'd have a look at a Maltby Trouble Out from Golfworks. It looks like they have returned to the original design, which was amazing. Can order whatever shaft and grip you want and assembly is like $4. If you could find a Callaway Steelhead III somewhere, they are amazing.
Cobra is always a good bet if you don't know what you want S2, S3, SZ, Amp... all can be had on Ebay pretty cheap. The stiff flex that they normally use is fairly smooth to the point I have seen women swing them ok.
Even easier if you blow them on with an air compressor. Super easy job then.
I would get the AP1 they are pretty sexy
5 wood or 18° hybrid
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