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I just got the new cobra amp cell 5-7 wood (adjustable loft) and its the best club in my bag... My old rocketballz 5 wood was unhittable for me
Agreed with that about the Adams a12 pro I tried it against the rbz 2 Nike covert cobra amp cell and a few others but nothing compared to the $80 dollar last years model of the Adams hybrid. Well worth the money and a must buy if in the market for a new hybrid.
I just ordered a used set or ap1s for a great price but a lot of people are telling me to get the ap2s... Does anyone know a store or site I could get like a set of 8-Pw of ap2s and keep ap1s for the long irons. If I did this would there be a big distance gap between my ap1 7i and ap2 8i? Thanks
Hex chromes
I am 14 and have been playing tour edge xcg4s but looking for something a little less bulky. I shoot around 84-88 and my best is 79. I liked ap1s more than ap2s when I hit them but the 2s felt lighter... I only took a few swings with each so I'm still not sure, so my question is are ap1s extreme game improvement and appear chunky and huge at address or are they a smaller cavity back choice for a mid handicapper.
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