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Ahina + Anser = low trajectory with reduced spin. Dropped over 1k rpm on spin from this.
Guiness is my staple beer.  If I go to a trendy spot I may have a Walt Whit or something like that.     Obviously if someone wants to do a Irish Car Bomb I am game, unless I'm driving as it turns me into the equivalent of Superman drinking a Kryptonite Margarita.
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=epl-A4562g4 This song is stuck in my head
Some stupid shark song on the Jesilnik Offensive
I am a huge fan of the ProV1 ball.  But after reading all of the marketing/specs on the ProV1x it seems as though that is the superior ball.   Since Titleist is having a "buy 3 personalized boxes of prov1(x) get 1 box free" special I have been researching what benefits each provide extensively.  The amount of information on this site and other golf sites is remarkable, however a good amount of it is conflicting.           From what I gathered, it seemed...
I agree with Scotland Run or you could do Twisted Dunes. For my friend's bachelor party we all chipped in, got a suite at Harrahs and had the "entertainment" come do a private show. It was way better than any other gentleman's club in AC area and less expensive.
I think it is one of those shows you have to watch with someone else and watching more than two at a time is difficult.Seinfeld and Modern Family are up there for comedies. Also having two MILFs in one show helps.
Hahaha - that's gold Jerry!It is so cool watching someone's first reaction to the show and even better when they get deep in it (I.e. Bodie's performance in the series 4 finale)"I don't know about cards, uh, but I believe these .45's beat a full house"
  You said it perfectly.  This is the best season of the best show that has ever been on TV.  I had a hard time getting into The Wire the first time I watched season 1 episode 1 due to the writers throwing me into a world I thought I understood, but truely had no idea.  Once you get past episode 4 (the first episode with Omar) you will be hooked.  
2013 ProV1 and ProV1x - I am trying to figure out which one is better for me.
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