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i said that was the feeling i get but ok , dont knock something just because it dies not work for you or you can not do it . if you could better explain it i am all ears as it is not the conventional swing
ps , sorry if this is an old thread but i have been scouring the net looking for someone else with this swing and when i saw this thread i thought fantastic , now there are two of us :)atleast   
sorry guys i do not proclaim to be a golf guru or how the swing really works but the only way i can describe the feeling is if i stood in front of you and told you to smack me with the back of your left hand you prob would not rotate it first it would just simple swing back like a door and back through on one axis , try it , stand there and pretend to slap someone with the back of your left hand . That is the feeling i have in my swing with shoulder turn , with short...
you dont rotate your wrists people , you cock them back almost like slapping someone with the back of your left wrist , and you need a strong grip . i you try iot with a conv- grip you wont be able to do it  
Thank God i have found this thread , i have been playing like this for years but because i thought i was the only one i kept going back to the more conventional swing with poor results . my pro just kept telling me it was shut on the back swing and i kept saying no it is square to the arc !!! it just makes sense not to rotate the dam club !!
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