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A what? Sorry, my English isn't that great anymore, as I've lived in France for nearly 15 years, so I apologise for any upset, it's all inferred and not implied, I assure you.   Sacm3bill's advice seems the most pragmatic and helpful, as it I think it seems that I don't have to have a handicap score in order to play golf.  Unless, it's on a country by country basis?   If I can just play 'normally' ie I can tell if I'm getting better if I score less over a round,...
I had to guess a number to join. It was mandatory! (adds smiley etc.)   So, when someone with a higher handicap 'beats' someone else, even though they didn't actually beat them, it's not a serious win.   I have to say that my colleagues were pretty convinced they'd actually beaten the better golfers.   If I continue to play golf to a level that I'd actually like to win, rather than pretend I've won, what are my options? Can I play without a handicap system...
I think I'm getting there, it's just that, as an outsider, it seems like a really alien sporting premise. I looked it up on google and it seems to be a system to legitimise poor performance.   I assume that it's just an informal, good spirited concept for friendly play. What happens if there's money or prizes, or both! involved?
Mike Stuckey   Totally owned the Villefranche
So if equipment doesn't make much of a difference (assuming it's reasonable kit - borrowed some) it comes down to skill levels?   I assumed, before I heard the after golf pub banter, that I would have to score less (less strokes) than my opponent to win, not that I expected to, although I beat a couple of guys, not bad for a newbie!   I think the gist is that I can beat other players, if I don't play as well as them?   Sounds odd.
Thanks sacm3bill,   That makes it a bit clearer, however, I can see how an amateur golfer might be restricted by his (or her) equipment, like a 'privateer' racer will be playing catch-up against a  factory team, but, in theory, a well healed golfer could purchase any sort of equipment, or does the bespoke equipment, presumably provided by sponsors? make that much difference?
So, a player, could score less than another player and still win?   I'm confused.
Hi all,   It's my first thread after playing golf for the first time, as a work invite and I really enjoyed it, although it's as addictive as it's frustrating!   Interestingly, Some of my colleagues claimed they won, even though they scored more (took more shots) than others playing with us. I didn't feel like asking at the time, but it leads me to the question: What's the premise for the handicap system?   I don't quite understand it, as I'm used to playing...
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