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2 more videos,   3 shots FO:         3 shots DTL:       I took Golfingdad's advice and made some changes to my posture at address. I dropped my shoulders and eased some pressure on the lower back.   For the 3rd shot in the last DTL video, I think my swing path is going from outside to inside, that is why I had a bad slice.         And finally picture of my swing at 3 O'clock position. I still need to work out my footwork, arms...
Hi guys, went for a practice yesterday and tried to get the left chicken wing sorted out. After looking at my comparison pic I posted earlier and numerous practice, I managed to straighten the chicken wing.   Below are the videos,   2 shots FO:         These 2 shots were taken when I was still experimenting the throwing of both arms in the followthrough. My arms at the top finishing were stiff.   3 shots FO:       The finishing looks a...
thanks!it's not too much at all. what you pointed out is the fundamental. if my fundamental is wrong, most likely my swing will end up wrongly as well.i guess i'm too stiff. gotta have a much relaxed posture.i'm so overwhelmed by you guys help!i'll remember to try out everything during my next practice and will try to upload more videos.Thanks!
thanks iacas for taking the effort to draw those path for me.Can I clarify with you that the green colored lines are the swing path and the red colored lines is where the ball is going?what about those blue lines?
Thanks, I got what you mean. At the same time, I googled and found aome swing path pictures describing some of the different swing path.I am already having problem with fade and slice ball flight. I'm afraid that if I were to do more inside out approach, my fade and slice problem will get worse. I am currently trying to tackle my fade and slice by turning my wrists at impact.Anyway, here's the video again.2 shot with 7 Iron - Down The Line
You are right on Mamba, I did noticed my right heel coming up, but I did not think much about.   I was taught on the hip slide, but totally forgot about. I had a look at the thread and it was really beneficial.   Meanwhile, I went for another practice today. I am still experiencing problem with my leading arm after impact. I can feel the awkward twist on my left arm during the followthrough.   I searched online for the reason for the bent left arm at impact and got the...
With Iron 7 - Face On     Video Embedded.
Here's a new video I took just 3 days ago.
Ben & Mamba, thanks for the reply. I tried to search for videos on the wrist hinge, the video mainly revolves around the L-shaped arm at the takeaway. Is that what you guys are talking about? Can anyone of you point me to some videos for cure? Thanks!
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