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 My impression is the opposite; a lot has to go right for we 7-15 handicappers to shot 79 or better on a par 72 course.  Essentially one can make 7 mistakes.  We are going to miss a lot of greens.  If one manages to hit 44% of the greens (8) and 2-putts, that means the other 10 holes have to feature a couple of up & downs and nothing worse than bogey.  The fact is that we are likely to 3 putt once or twice and probably record a double or two somewhere along the line.  At...
You should continue to join groups.  The vast majority of people you meet will be interesting & entertaining.  Don't let a few annoying ones stop you. 
Someone was discussing Streamsong and their feeling after playing:   "..., I may take a hit on this and I am a big Coore/Crenshaw fan and their brilliance is on full display here, HOWEVER, this type of property, FOR ME, tends to leave a feeling of one hole bleeding into the next. I had this same feeling when I played The Prarie Club Dunes course this past summer. I am sure, rather than the design, it is simply the lack of any meaningful visual reference surrounding each...
Have a great trip.  My trip to Scotland was a dream come true.  Check out the "Observation Deck" on the 4th floor of the Old Course Hotel if weather permits.  Nice views, especially of players teeing off over the "railroad shed" on the Road Hole.
I really can't recall the worst scoring round.  As some have said, early in my golfing life I undoubtedly put up some number in excess of 110 and even that number was likely aided by a loose application of the Rules of Golf.   My best differential as well as raw score was in 2007 during the Hudson Mills Championship.  The differential was 0.2 as I shot a one under 70.  Not a particularly difficult course.  My only under par round to date.
My original thought was that Dan planned to sell his story, either with a book, video, television series or a combination of all.  He never stated that his goal was other than to test the "10,000 Hour" theory but I just assumed he had some other plans in order to cash in on his experiment.  Golfer's quests to become "scratch" or a tournament professional had been chronicled before but never with such a grand scheme.  As time has gone on, it is apparent he really did not...
The Rules allow free relief for balls plugged in "closely mown" areas (i.e. the fairway).  The PGA Tour uses a Local Rule to allow relief from plugged balls "through the green" (i.e. everywhere except within hazards). I feel a bit of an outlaw for discussing Rules outside the Rules forum.   ;)
Totally agree (except I am often hitting fairways woods).
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