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You are probably correct.  I know when I play on a very wet course I often have problems hitting down and through the ball.  Subconsciously I know hitting down and through will result in a big splat with mud and water everywhere.  So my misses often are thin shots.
Quote:My response was I hit 7 to 8 GIR on average. Last year I hit 42.3% of the greens over the course of the season. That translates into 7.614 greens, which seemed like a poor way to describe my "normal" day versus the 7 to 8 statement.
Many of us, including me, don't really care how far someone claims to hit a certain club.  Post away on the internet about your prowess.  Talk all you want in the bar about how you can really smoke the driver.  Go out on the course with me and shoot a great score; that will impress me.  The rest is all hot air and most likely empty boasts.
15 of 18 is the best I have managed.  My average tends to be around 7-8.
Put the money in your Roth IRA.
Not being female, I certainly can't answer this question with any great authority.  My observation has been that women, for the most part, play golf for the social aspects of the game.  They play to be with their spouse,partner, boy friend, friends.  One will rarely see a single woman on the course.  It is not common to see a woman alone at the range beating balls.   Of course a significant number of men play golf for the social aspects, too.  But a great number of us...
All those menus look pretty good.  I tend toward simple dishes.     Braised lamb shanks in tomato based sauce Green beans Rice/Rice Pilaf Tossed salad   Vanilla ice cream with options for various sauces and toppings   Bell's Oberon Guinness An Argentinian Malbec
One of the gentlemen who developed our current handicap system certainly thinks the system favors the better player in a head to head match.  Dean Knuth said: "Although handicaps are supposed to equalize matches, it's not always true, is it?  Unfortunately not. The scale is tipped in favor of the better player.  The way the formula works, for every six strokes difference in handicap, the better player has a one-stroke advantage, because the lower handicapper is more likely...
With a relatively small group, I don't like this idea.  The handicap formula is already a bit slanted in the better player's favor (ESC and .96 Reward for Excellence factor or whatever they call it).  Plus a very good player sometimes loses -0- strokes (80% of 2 is 1.6 and if the handicap is rounded, the result is 2).  If the handicaps are legit then play with the full handicap the first day and agree to adjust the handicap allotment each day based on prior play. If you...
Stretch a little, tie my shoes, put a peg in the ground and go.  If I have a bit more time I will putt a few.  Many of the courses I play do not have ranges so hitting balls is not part of the routine.
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