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If you were going to take a single "bucket list" type trip to either Bandon or Kohler, which would you select?  Or which one do you do first?  Factor in the ease of getting there, travel cost, lodging, cost of golf, etc...  Maybe consider Kohler as including a side trip to Erin Hills.   If you have been both places (lucky you!!) perhaps compare & contrast the two.
As far as the math, if one thinks of a year's membership as running from 1-1-2015 to 12-31-2015, cancelling on or about 7/15 results in a refund close to the $638 returned.  My guess is the refund was based on a pro-rated portion of 12 months.
 From your description, it sounded like you were well right of the fairway and the ball landed in an area that you could not see. There is always the chance that someone snagged your ball but sometimes balls settled down or bounce in unexpected directions.  I recently had a similar situation and was about the take off after a group that had been near the area where I thought my ball had stopped. Fortunately, I spotted the ball sitting down in the rough before I inquired...
My hope is that everyone plays well, has some great shots, loads of fun, and coming down the stretch, someone distinguishes himself with a timely birdie on #18 the last day.  We want to hear some good stories and see a few nice photos.  Make this memorable guys, so next time we are all fighting to get on a team.
I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver!   I predict that the Red (West Coast) TEAM will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 27.5 to 26.5. The MVP will be @Golfingdad with 10 points won.
  Greenside bunker.  If you are a bit short & right of the green, you land in the hay.  A bit longer and the bunker.           Depending on where the ball lands, one could have a hard time finding the sphere.  One's approach shot is typically from a swale so you can not see the ball come to rest.   Not the best photos but we were in a bit of a rush.  Maybe next week I get a better view from the distance.
One gets relief from interference by both the hole and the cast (the dirt shoved out of the ground when the hole was made).  If the ball is sitting on the cast, relief would be allowed.  
You should be pleased with that score.  Scoring on a par 3 or executive course does not always translate well to a regular length course but your scoring on a par 3 course indicates you have some golf skills.  Work on driving a ball with a driver or 3-wood at the range and you should be set for the big stage.
I will try to get some tomorrow when I play there.  Some photos might better show the problem, as I see it.
This is not a discussion of Whistling Straights but rather a newer approach by some courses in SE Michigan.  The best (worst) example is the University of Michigan course.   This Alastair MacKenzie designed course has undergone a number of recent tweaks (tree removal, native grass areas, etc...).  Ostensibly these changes are in line with the original design.  Generally I find the changes to be very good.   One recent change, however, has me a bit irritated.  A...
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