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Somewhat in the same boat.  While there are clubs that I hit more consistently than others, none are so consistent that I can guarantee a good shot.  That is why I tend to just hit driver from the tee.  It is so much more satisfying to hit a driver O.B. than to hit a hybrid or iron O.B.
Light gray arrows are used on the Pro V1, Pro V1x and NXT, also.  Or at least the "like new" balls I occasionally find have similar markings.
Just three - Pebble, Pinehurst No. 2 and Oakland Hills.  Of the other seven, I think only Bay Hill is public access so at best I am going to have four some day.
I heartily agree with the idea that one should be allowed to socialize with people one chooses.  Where the line should be drawn is when organizations have a formal barrier for a certain group (i.e. women, religion, race, etc...).  The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews should vote to remove the restriction. It will still be within their power to decide who is a member and who is not.   The other issue is whether organizations with significant public exposure...
Is it possible that the course was re-measured and the actual yardage was corrected?  Other than that, I agree that a .5 change on the course rating is a lot if the total yardage and features remained unchanged.
 Invest in some quality comfortable golf shoes if you haven't already.  Clean your bag out often; weight is your enemy.  When near the green, leave your bag on the side and rear of the green in the direction of the next hole.  That allows you to exit the green quickly and the group following you will appreciate your consideration.
Hopefully you will have a long wait.  I am 62 and still carry without any problems.  As you said, it feels good to get a little extra workout.
Given comparable players, efficient use of the cart and a relatively clear course, you are correct.
One of Dan's problems is money.  He last saw his coach/pro on July 31.  I suspect he sees him so infrequently because he can't afford an hour every other day.  He lost access to his "Trackman" over a year ago.  After Nike outfitted him, he has had to purchase every piece of equipment since.  He stopped getting the services of a physical trainer over a year ago.  He finally had to begin paying for the use of a golf course and practice area a year ago (was comped previously)...
The way I tend to assess these deals is I take the amount of the membership ($499) and divide by what a typical round for you at the course might be.  I can see that they run a "Summer Special" so let's say the average greens fee will be $35.  Are you going to play there 15 times or more between now and the end of 2015?  I suspect we both know the answer is "yes."  Every time you play Pelham in excess of 15 times is essentially free.  Since you prefer walking and the...
New Posts  All Forums: