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Is that your sister, girl friend or wife in the avatar photo?
 I am just 2-3 years away.  The one thing that concerns me about some of the southern communities is weather.  If I am retired, I am not sure I want to take a chance of living through a hurricane.  Anything that has wonderful coastal courses or that is on a barrier island is also in the possible path of a category 4-5 hurricane.  Looking at some of the communities with homes on stilts makes me pause.  Before you buy, consider the fact that flood and windstorm insurance is...
There certainly is a high correlation between GIR and scoring.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work to move the needle on GIR.  Most of us are not missing greens because we are too aggressive hunting pins.
Exactly!  For me it would not be enough to see the ball at a distance.  I would want to see the ball land, bounce, roll and come to a stop.  That way I would be virtually certain the object seen from a distance is a ball and not a flower, leaf, scrap of paper, etc...
So we all agree that actually seeing the outside agency take the ball is not required.  We can achieve "virtual certainty" by looking at all the relevant factors that might make a ball disappear.  In the absence of some other explanation (rolled down a slope, wind blew it, a loose impediment or obstruction is hiding it, conditions are present for a plugged ball, etc...) we achieve "virtual certainty" by applying the one remaining reasonable explanation, an outside agency...
Some rounds yes.  Some no.  Sometimes the complaints are well grounded in reality.  Sometimes not.  I don't believe I would be categorized as a complainer by others who play golf with me.
Do we all agree that one does not always have to see the outside agency move or take the ball as long as there is no reasonable alternative explanation?    A ball at rest on a flat portion of the 17th green at TPC Sawgrass is missing after one uses the port-a-john.  Lost ball or moved by an outside agency?
It is always nice to hear from others about conditions, costs, weather, etc... The one issue I have is when the poster has not bothered to specify where they are from.  Maybe finish off your profile with at least a state.  And while you are at it, a handicap index?
No, I have never felt like my shoulders or back suffered from carrying.  Back in the days of a single strap bag, I switched off between shoulders (right on odd, left on even).  Now that I am getting older (62) I have started to think about a push cart.
I'll play devil's advocate.  It could be viewed that the mere fact he repaired a pitch mark in front of his ball indicates its presence bothered him and his intent was to improve his line.  A distance of 3 feet versus 15 feet is significant.  It is possible the R&A/USGA used 15 feet to underline the fact that if one repairs the course well away from one's ball, all is well and good but one should not take this Decision as a license to shrink the distance to a mere 1-3...
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