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Well, a couple things might be working here. 1. It could be a bit of selective memory.  You likely have some rounds where you start slow but finish well.  I think I have read that our minds recall bad situations better than good situations.2. Your observation of fatigue might be part of the issue, especially if you are not drinking water.3. Lastly, I tend to get ahead of myself and you may be unconsciously doing the same.  We start well and then leap forward in our minds...
I question the judgment of someone who feels they need a weapon on an every day type golf course. If personal safety is that great of a concern, should they not also wear a vest? And they might be engaged by a threat at a distance. A semi automatic rifle is really what they need so as to engage the enemy at a proper distance. So when I am told a fellow golfer is carrying or they display their "protection", I will choose to follow in the next group.
Shot "88".   That darn par 3 course was damn hard and the weather didn't help.
Well, assuming a typical par 72, 14 fairways.  Now if one wants to count hitting fairways multiple times while playing a par 5, etc... the number could be larger but generally the statistic of "Fairways Hit" only counts tee shots on par 5's and par 4's.
Good question.  When I start a round, my expectations are typically set by how I was hitting the ball when I last played or hit balls.  So if I warmed up at the range, I take that to the first tee.  If I did not hit balls I rely on the most recent round.  If I have not played in a while, I rely on my general tendency (straight or a very slight fade). In your example, if I sliced the ball badly I would work on controlling that rather than aim further left.  On the other...
As you already indicated, this was not correct.  However, a club may issue local 9-hole handicaps to players who routinely only play 9 holes.  Perhaps that was what you recalled.
Of course, one's putting statistics will suffer so while one gains in one area, the other goes to hell.
I usually continue to play.  I mentally walk through a list of common errors I often find myself doing.  So probably the first thing a player needs to know are the common swing faults one's game is prone to.  If I can't correct what has gone haywire while playing, I will hit balls during a range session until I feel the problem has been identified and worked out. For me, the key is to trust that I have a decent game and not try to make any drastic changes.  I have played...
I have played the TPC Las Vegas and the TPC Old White (Greenbrier).  Both were excellent experiences.  It sounds like you just had a bad day at TPC San Antonio.  It is hard to imagine that the course operates like you described on a consistent basis with 6-7 hour rounds.  The membership would rebel and the public would stop coming.
Finally, my moment to really brag.  I can't hit it straight and 350 yards, with my 1 iron.  My low round doesn't start with a "6".  I have had, however, some great 5-8 day trips entirely paid during the past 8 years.   Scotland (St. Andrews) Pebble Beach Ireland Pinehurst Greenbrier   Of course we are not schlepping around at 3 star hotels.  Old Course Hotel and Gleneagles Resort, The Carolina, The Inn at Spanish Bay, etc...  I am still on an emotional high from...
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