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1. No, as it is out of season in the frozen mitten.  If I played in FL or AZ I would post those rounds.2. The two courses that are reliably open despite the time of year, temperatures or conditions are both short courses so there  is not much adjustment needed.  I would move up if I considered the normal yardage too long because of the conditions.3. No, same old set I always use. Despite not posting rounds, I will typically play by the Rules.  If the greens are frozen then...
I play ready golf in most instances.  Generally I observe honors on the tee unless the honoree is dinking around.  Once a hole commences, I have no problem with others hitting out of order as I will also, as long as no one moves too far forward to create a safety hazard.
 If one wants to follow the Rules of Golf, only chipping on the tee is allowed.  Assuming you are okay with bending the Rules a bit, typically small chips and pitches near the tee should be okay as long as you are ready to play, don't damage the course or put anyone in danger (i.e. hit toward another player or group).  A skulled shot can go in the wrong direction very quickly.  1/2 and 3/4 wedge shots seems a bit lengthy to fit all the previous criteria but you are a...
What is most important somewhat depends on where your ability stands.  Once one is able to make solid contact on a consistent basis and keep one's ball out of severe trouble, the ability to get the ball in the hole from 50-100 yards is most important for scoring.  One has no chance of breaking 100 or even 90 if one in making multiple chips, pitches and 3 or 4 putting with any regularity.   Once one can make contact and is competent within 100 yards, I believe ball...
Has anyone offered some direct advice to Dan?  Posted on his website?
Thanks for the fascinating look into golf in Thailand.  Quite a sight looking out over the mining area.
"Tour players tend to be more accurate with their driver than their 3-wood off the tee."   One factor could be that 3 wood is used where the hole is very tight or doesn't fit the player's eye.  Harder to hit the fairway, even with a 3 wood.  Also, guys that are extremely accurate hit driver all the time while players that are wild go to the 3 wood more often.  So a wild guy with a 3 wood probably misses the fairway more often than an accurate guy with driver.
I learned the game at an early age but did not really play very much until I was around 30.  So maybe 6-7 years and 300-350 rounds were required along with a 5 day trip to a "Golf Camp" where all we did was learn and practice.  Like you, the first step was under 40 for nine but the consistency wasn't there to finish it off over a full 18.  When I finally broke through, I did not do it again until 6 months later.  Then I went another year before I was able to accomplish it...
There was a similar bunker to the one in the photo at a course in Myrtle Beach.  We noted it but the bunker was located so far to the left of the fairway  I felt moved to comment, "Why would they put a bunker like that way the heck over there?  No one is ever going to hit into it!"  You all know the rest of the story.
I was a bit surprised when Dan mentioned that he had played 18 and his "hours of practice" changed by 4 hours.  I don't care how intense someone may be, there is little chance someone can stay engaged in the process of golf for an entire round.  Most of us have to disengage our minds between shots or our heads will explode.
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