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He has not posted his "57" to GHIN yet and he does regularly post scores.  For someone who posts scores, not posting that score says to me he knows there is something going on.   Could someone have assisted his balls into the hole without him knowing? 
I'm a gonna guess you all ways about 237 pounds.
The handicap system requires every player to make their best effort on every shot.  Where the system falls a bit short is when many of us fail to concentrate on each shot and play like we are in a tournament every time out.  Think about these scenarios.  Player Z plays a practice round prior to an event, practices his short game diligently for a week, warms up prior to the event for 30 minutes and employs course management during the event.  Next week Player Z joins his...
I started playing in 1962.  First broke "80" in 1990.  I would say it took me 10 years as my playing really was nothing more than the occasional round until about 1980 but officially it was 28 years.  Slow learner.
 Someone with an exact handle on the Rules should jump in here.  I believe one is always allowed to return to the tee, incurring an additional penalty plus whatever number of strokes (including penalties) accumulated up to that point.
I try not to confuse good results with good shots.
Differential of 6.4 today.  I played well.  Had a couple long approach shots that turned out better than expected.  Content this evening.
Three day stroke play event.  Flighted based on the first two days total.  Some will play loosely the first two days in order to be in a flight that they might win.  Most have enough pride to prefer recording the lowest three day total possible.  Since the prizes are limited in scope, the winner of the 6th flight isn't getting much other than the embarrassment of shooting 87 / 88 / 76. As vct33 stated, better to compete in a higher flight and lose than intentionally play...
A good question.  Typically a 7,000+ yard course will have some significant forced carries.  I may carry a well struck driver 200-210 yards.  If I carry the cross hazard, now I am trying to hit a well protected green with a fairway wood.  I am not able to launch these clubs high into the air and hit the green so unless the hole allows a run up shot, I am either going to be in the greenside bunker, rough or be forced to layup if there is a stream or pond fronting the...
 For the player who has practiced, worked and struggled to first break 100, then 90 and finally 80, it means a lot.  When someone is excited about reaching their milestone or goal, we can be happy for them, even if it falls short of another person's arbitrary standard.
New Posts  All Forums: