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I was a bit surprised when Dan mentioned that he had played 18 and his "hours of practice" changed by 4 hours.  I don't care how intense someone may be, there is little chance someone can stay engaged in the process of golf for an entire round.  Most of us have to disengage our minds between shots or our heads will explode.
No.  There first needs to be interference from abnornal ground conditions (casual water in this instance) in order to drop as correctly cited by Rulesman.  If you are in a bunker without any interference and don't want to drop in the bunker, then stroke & distance is the sole option.
Hmmm, other players won't change their pre-shot routine for you.  Some won't stop using a laser range-finder in order to allow you to play a bit quicker.  Expecting everyone to conform to your vision of how to play golf seems to be the selfish approach.
I suspect many of us have run into the situation where the sod/turf separates from the earth beneath and traps either gas, air or water between the sod/turf and earth.  The visible surface is sort of uneven and moves as one walks over the surface.  We have a small course nearby where underground water collects and turns a fairly large area into almost a "Moon Walk" type surface.   As near as I can tell, one receives no relief from this situation unless there is water...
Interesting question, thanks. 1. First time you are playing with someone whom you consider to be quite a bit better at golf (and who also thinks the same) and you & he assume the first ball you reach is your drive - but it is his! 2. First time someone asks you for advice on golf I could go on but others probably have better milestones to anticipate.
My opinion of Justin Rose, already high, just increased a bit.
I agree with many of the posters that the women's game is more compelling than the seniors, right now.  Still, the rise of the LPGA ratings is somewhat caused by a decline of the seniors ... er ... champions.  Nonetheless, I am squarely behind the LPGA.  You girls are good!
I had to laugh at this.  My parents used to be members at Weston Country Club back before the exclusivity went through the roof.  For decades the club was a community country club.  Our high school golf team played there, the initiation fee was around $2,500, and most of the members lived in Weston.  The club was kind of stuffy but most of the members were neighbors and too polite to make a fuss.  My how times changed.
General rule is no complete snow cover on the ground and especially the greens.  Also, the ground can't be frozen solid, especially the greens.  On that basis, I have played with the temperature right around 32 degrees.  The temperature is never an issue for my comfort.  At some point the conditions are so cold that it affects the game too drastically.  When one can't hit an approach shot on the green or putt/chip, it isn't close enough to golf to bother. The one exception...
How the heck to you move them? I was going down the same road but fortunately my wife interceded.  Now I sort out a few that I use or give away.  The rest I take to the driving range and hit in lieu of buying a bucket.  As far as balls from special occasions, I tend to save the scorecard rather than the ball.  Keep a scrap book.  My first hole-in-one ball is sitting in an old desk drawer in the basement. 
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