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 If every member pays the same initiation fee and monthly dues it would be tough to enforce restrictions as suggested.  A better way is to create your own foursome and limit it to a set handicap if that is your desire.  No golf friends allowed without a scratch handicap.  Who cares about the ability level of whomever is playing in front of you as long as they maintain pace?  And one certainly needn't worry about the group behind.
I know that only the hole by hole needs to be correct.  I formerly did not bother with a total when I was a marker and did not care whether my marker calculated a total.  A year ago during our City Tournament, the scorers got my total wrong.  I pointed out the error (they were too high) and to this day, the permanent record has never been corrected.  So I include a total to hopefully give the scorers pause if they come up with a different number.
I am in the middle of the City Championship. They allow "automotive equipment" or golf carts. In the written Conditions of Competition the committee specifically allows the user of a cart to give a ride to a walker from #9 green to #10 tee (long distance) and from #13 green to #14 tee (huge hill) in the interest of pace of play. All other use of the cart by anyone other than the player and/or their authorized driver (caddie) is prohibited and subject to a 2 shot penalty...
After my visits to Ireland and Scotland, any course claiming to be a links course needs firm fairways, very tight lies, lots of steep-faced fairway and greenside bunkers, no trees, playable heather and wind.  Where courses in the USA often come up short is firm fairways, playable heather and bunkers.  We often get too much rain or the course is watered too much.  This results in the fairways having more cushion and the vegetation that comprises the "heather" becomes an...
In any Rules situation, before I referred anything to the "Committee" I would want to speak with the player(s) involved.  As such, my role of "field protector" is pretty much limited to the group in which I am playing.  Occasionally we will be on a tee at the same time as another group or pass a group on an adjacent fairway where I might witness a potential breach of the Rules and have the ability to discuss it.  Still, I tend to ignore what is going on around me.  I know...
I have played courses for the first time and shot better than my handicap and other times worse so I voted "no effect."  I wish I could say that my powers of concentration are so well developed that I can summon up my best golf when facing a new course. It is probably just a statistical thing that 20% of my rounds will be close to or better than my handicap and sometimes that involves a new course.   The amateur psychologist in me says that negative memories are often...
I don't really have a goal other than to play as often as I can considering the demands on my time from other activities.  Last year was around 110.  This year through the 1st six months I am at 35.  I will be fortunate to come close to 100 this year.
I don't carry a weapon on the course other than my 9-iron.  Never felt the need to.
The scrape back would not count as a stroke as he was not making a "stroke" as defined in the Rules.  An excerpt of the definition is: "A “stroke’’ is the forward movement of the club made with the intention of striking at and moving the ball ..." The ball is to be replaced at the spot where it came to rest after the initial stroke (i.e. the place from where he pulled the ball).
Duval because it was the last round and he won.  He made eagle on the last hole and won the tournament by 1 shot.  I think when he started the day he was 6 or 7 shots out of the lead.
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