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I'm a retired Federal L/E Officer and dealt with dope smugglers which are almost as bad as Child Abusers. Hope your successful as both a golfer and in Law Enforcement.
He's also done a lot for the game. Travel to the Tampa/Clearwater area and take a look at the course and training area that he helped develope.
You did notice I stated I don't keep score? Those rounds do not count towards my handicap, just pratice rounds to try to improve my game which certainly needs it. As one other contributer stated I don't have a range around to pratice on I don't either unless I want to hit off astro truf layed out on cement, which I refuse, to do so some of my rounds are for pratice only.
Definately by how they play. For example my driver is a Wilson Staff Ultra Lite, 3 wood is a Taylormade R-11, 5 wood Wilson DXi, Rescue 3 is a Taylormade Burner, Rescue 4 a AirForce 1, irons Wilsom  Di9's 5 through Gap Wedge and my SW is a 20 year old Pena golf.
There's always something that goes right when playing. I your driver isn't working maybe the fairway woods are. I just keep plugging along, sometimes just quit keeping score. If the course isn't busy and there's no one beind me I'll hit a second ball to see if I can correct whatever happened. Always play the first ball for score.
At least once a week.
Anybody tried the Avon Chamois grips? I tried an oversize on one club that needed regriped and liked the softness of it as I have arthritis but am curious about the statnard.
I origanally used the overlap grip and stuck with it until the game got too expensive for me as I was in the military. When I picked up the game again several years ago I tried the interlocking grip and played airly well with it. Unfortunately I've developed arthistis in the first joint of my index and little finger on my left hand and the thumb and little finger on my right hand. When the pain became worse than I wanted to handle I went with the baseball/ten finger...
I've tried just about everything, Taylormade Burner Bubble                                                   Yonex                                                   Mizuno But recently purchased the Wilson DXi Super Lite and may have found the one I'll stick with for a while. As you age the driver gets a little heavier and the Wilson at 269 grams seems to have helped considerably.
Purchased the SS384 41" recently on E Bay. Replaced my Odyssey White Hot Mid, 43". Wouldn't trade the Slotline for a more expensive product. It's not going to completely turn your game around but will save you some putts.
New Posts  All Forums: