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thanks for the original responses. I have swapped out Pawley's plantation and replaced it with the Barefoot Fazio Course. So my final setup looks like this:   Kings North (sunday) Barefoot Love (monday) Barefoot Fazio (monday) Grande Dunes Resort (tuesday)   Staying at the barefoot villas.   psyched for a good trip and can't wait to play these courses! Golfdesk was real easy to work with and we got decently priced package.
I shot a 0 today thanks to mother nature and this never ending winter!
Hi All,   Well, I'm making my first trip down to Myrtle Beach in early april and wanted to run a few courses by everyone.  I'm working with golfdesk.com to organize a package for me and I'm about to pull the trigger on the courses below.  Let me know what you all think about them.  We're looking to play higher end courses, basically everything short of caledonia.  Thats a little too much for this trip.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.   Fly in...
New Posts  All Forums: