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His grip makes mine look weak. If David and tons of other tour pros use a strong grip, we can too.
David Duval's incredibly strong grip
I'm definitely the ball hunter. Sometimes on non-crowded days il go into the woods with a bag and come out with 30 ProV1s.
High quality clubs at a great price. Great for a new golfer.
Was even through 3 holes, but then it started pouring on us. Went bogey-birdie-par
Haha yeah
If you really think your ball striking is good enough, I would look into the Ping I series, such as the i15 or i20. They are a blend of both forgiveness and shot shaping.
Can you list the names here?
3 wood off the tee, my 60* CG16 (got a chip to 3 inches today!) and my putter.
Had a 12 hole high school match today. Shot a 42 front 9 and went bogey-par-bogey on 10-11- and 12. Not bad, but won my match and out team won 23.5-0.5
New Posts  All Forums: