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Apple Valley, Ohio
8th Hole. Milford Michigan
Saturday in Michigan
You will have to drive/walk up to the ball.
I did hit more than three clubs but the rest were wedges from about 60 and in.
It is, I do have the paid membership but it does have a three round trial. Once you get it set up for the course your playing. It will have a small ball in the bottom right with a club. Push that icon before each shot an pick the club your about to use.
Great spread of numbers.
Thank you! Once I was correctly fitted for shafts on both the driver and 3 wood my accuracy is great. My problems comes with the gw,sw, and lw. Probably from spending so much time working on the longer clubs and putting. Either way it's a game you constantly work on.
Tiger Woods - 12 Keegan Bradley - 11 Rory Mcllory - 11
New Posts  All Forums: