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I want turbulators to help me drive it long with the Ping g30 driver. I predict the Red (West Coast) team will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 28 to 26. The MVP will be @Club Rat with 13 points won.
I actually laughed at this. Well done.
I can handle the mechanical aspect. I just cant wrap my head around them selling a bike for $500 that has the same or better components as an $1100 trek.The trek hardtail 29ers I see for $500 come with some pretty basic low end components.
Any opinion on bikesdirect? Ive been looking at a couple of hard tail 29ers but the prices look to good to be true.
I want to boost my game with adipower boost. Dustin Johnson -9 Ryan Moore -9 Bill Haas -9
HOW will probably break the intent. In other news i finally got a fatebringer. Next up is finally beat crota on hard.
Fellow destiny player here on ps4. Have a 31 titan and hunter. Finally got all CE gear for both of them so grinding for the mateials to get them to 32. Was hoping to have both at 32 for HOW but no luck. One of the more addictive games I've played.
Lucky you. I played a 36 hole tourney at Crown Pointe in Farmington on Good Friday. Hour and a half south of my house and a good 15 degrees colder. I was under dressed for the cold/wind and of course nothing in the pro shop bigger than XL. I would have paid triple the asking price for one of the FJ rain jackets they had if I could have made it fit.
Traded in my old irons and got a new 38 inch Odyssey Works 7 tank counterbalanced putter, a Black Clover hat and a dozen of last years Srixon Z stars. So far I'm starting the season with new driver and 3 wood (X Hot pro for both), new irons (G25 4-U) and a new putter. I need to stop going to the golf store.
New Posts  All Forums: