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True linkswear. Vegas, black size 14. Was hoping to get the ecco biom street but they don't make a size bigger than 13. Got the Trues instead based on all the members on here raving about them.
What course is this tourney being played at?
Rory Mcllroy -3 Bio Kim -1 Ryan Yip E
I always have some Sierra Nevada pale ale in the fridge. Lately I have been rotating between loal IPA's from Ofallon Brewery, Schlafly (both local to the St. Louis area) and Boulevard Brewing out of Kansas City. When I'm feeling adventerous I pick up Stones Gargoyle IPA.
Other sports allow pros to play in the Olympics, basketball and hockey come to mind.And I got paid to help train kids at football camps my college team held.
Just have her read through the operation single digits thread. Lots of great advice about how and what to practice, as well as some not so subtle examples of how not too.
Kansas City Strips Loaded sweet potatoes Stone Pale Ale
I think this looks awesome. I am going to try this on my white burner super fast 2.0 this week.
My normal rotation is incline, bear creek, wentzville, Crystal springs quarry, gateway, and Missouri bluffs. I also play Phesant run at least once a week in the evening. We get to Sun valley once a summer. We have never played in Troy. Can you reccomend one we should put on the agenda?
Keegan Bradley -8 Bill Haas -8 Ian Woosnam -8
New Posts  All Forums: