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Lucky you. I played a 36 hole tourney at Crown Pointe in Farmington on Good Friday. Hour and a half south of my house and a good 15 degrees colder. I was under dressed for the cold/wind and of course nothing in the pro shop bigger than XL. I would have paid triple the asking price for one of the FJ rain jackets they had if I could have made it fit.
Traded in my old irons and got a new 38 inch Odyssey Works 7 tank counterbalanced putter, a Black Clover hat and a dozen of last years Srixon Z stars. So far I'm starting the season with new driver and 3 wood (X Hot pro for both), new irons (G25 4-U) and a new putter. I need to stop going to the golf store.
Picked up a used mint set of ping g25 irons 4-U to replace my ping g15's.
We have the same forecast in St.Louis. 11:28 tee time today. Course is going to be wet and crowded but I'm not complaining.Thanks for pointing that boogie.
We get the same in St.Louis. Got an 11:28 tee time. Course will probably be a swamp and swamped but I'm not complaining.
Used Callaway X Hot pro 10.5* driver, X Hot pro 3 wood, and a dozen maxfli U4 golf balls.
I'm curious, what store is offering this deal?
Thanks Mike. Really appreciate these posts. With proper practice and the information I get off of this site I broke 90 (shot am 89 on a course I usually shoot 95+ I ) for the first time last week.
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