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I'm curious, what store is offering this deal?
Thanks Mike. Really appreciate these posts. With proper practice and the information I get off of this site I broke 90 (shot am 89 on a course I usually shoot 95+ I ) for the first time last week.
Or 14's as usual. God forbid I actually get a pair of shoes on sale.
Great topic. I have nothing in the way of advice, but I want to get my wife into golf so I will be following this thread.
I was b fit for Bridgestone tour b330 golf balls. Keegan Bradley -11 Ryan Moore -11 John Daly -.08
Thanks. Apparently I can get this done at the newly expanded golf galaxy by my house. I will check it out this weekend.
Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. Is there a way to find an edel fitter in my area? I live in St. Louis.
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