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Just have her read through the operation single digits thread. Lots of great advice about how and what to practice, as well as some not so subtle examples of how not too.
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I think this looks awesome. I am going to try this on my white burner super fast 2.0 this week.
My normal rotation is incline, bear creek, wentzville, Crystal springs quarry, gateway, and Missouri bluffs. I also play Phesant run at least once a week in the evening. We get to Sun valley once a summer. We have never played in Troy. Can you reccomend one we should put on the agenda?
Keegan Bradley -8 Bill Haas -8 Ian Woosnam -8
What courses do you play?
Compared to the g15's the g25's look like blades. It's going to take me a while to get used to how wide the sole of the g15's are.
After a couple of sessions at the range I went with the pings. Not a huge fan of how big the sole is but I hit them alot better than speedblade. I went ahead and regripped them (as well as the rest of my bag) with black widow, widow maker multi compound grips and picked up a ping iwedge 52* to replace my ping tour U wedge.
Used but excellent condition (9/10) Ping G15 irons, 4-W white dot +1/2 inch awt stiff shafts and a new ping iwedge U 52* from my local pro shop. Also regripped my whole bag with a set of black widow, widow maker multi compound grips. All for $225.
Both are fit to the specs I got from golfSmith (so take that for what it's worth). White dot +1/2 inch for ping, 3* upright +1/4 inch for the speedblade. I'm leaning toward the G15 for the reasons Lucious mentioned. I would have to regrip the pings as I don't like the stock ping grips.
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