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I thought I would get some blades this year becuase I hit the ball pretty well an love the classic look.. But I only hit them well 4/5 or 8/10 times.. And when you miss hit them you lose about 5-10 yards.. Now that can be the difference of being in the hazard or on the green
70 (-1) on 18 holes and a pretty short typical public course.. 6500 yards.. Same day my back nine score was 34 (-2). It was a good day haha
How do you get into product testing for a company? I would like to get into this because I play so frequently. Thanks
Major goal for this season is to keep the mental game on track and be focused and commuted to every shot putt or chip I hit.. If I have a good mental round I can shoot around even or a few over.. A bad mental round will turn into 80 or higher lol.. Swing is there it's just all a mental game
I just love the px shaft.. But the club has no marks on it whatsoever too.. No scuffs or sky marks.. Maybe hit on the range once if at all. I'll look into 3balls
something like winding hollow.. Great course. I think that's the name. I slept on the drive out
I have a set routine to go through before each shot.. But once I set up.. It's not like your forced to hit it.. I just wait until I feel comfortable (5 secs) and then just swing away. If something is uncomfortable like my stance or posture.. I'll back off. As for noises and things.. Just back off take a quick breath and go!
Take a break. Not a long one but enough to get the love back. Watch golf channel and the tournaments every week.. You will see in no time you will want to get back out
Found a mint condition 910f for 140$ on 2nd swing.com it has a project x in it stif plus. But I'm not sure the value of the club.. No sky marks or scratches on the face or bottom.. It's listed as a 9.5/10. Been looking for a new 3 wood and this would match my hybrid and driver. I was about to pull the trigger on the 913 or callaway x hot pro.. Any info on price is appreciated!
This is accurate. Some shafts are labeled differently. But I swing a reg flex in my hybrid and everything else is still. I just haven't found a good shaft for it yet. I still hit it around 220 and ok. Just try and match all shafts for feel. Other than that it may be your swing
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