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I read this book in the late 60's-early 70s as high school golf team member. Recently bought it at B&N. Favorite chapters: what can be your best golf, taking you to the lesson tee, assembling your game in good order. These chapters will help you play smart
I enjoy the time to be alone, think, clear my mind......and pray.
Yesterday, 4/6, I shot 42 for 9 holes. My irons were working for me. Fun afternoon
Today: Webb Simpson, Phil Mickelson Senior: Jack Nicklaus, George Archer Older: Sam Snead, Tommy Armour Overall : Jack Nicklaus
1. Cost 2. Plays fair but has some challenges 3. Allows walking (I often walk 9) 4. Can play by myself 5. Friendly staff 6. Close to home
I just recently started using yellow Titleist DT SoLo balls. I am near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other, wear trifocals and have cataracts developing.  I was having trouble following the ball flight and seeing where my drives landed......not that they were that far. I have lost two of them so far....in the water. For me they make a big difference, By the way I am 58.The yellow ball coverings seem to have a different texture or coloring to them than years...
I'm a Dean of Arts and Sciences at Piedmont International University in NC. I'm also a trombone player and have Parkinson's Disease.
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