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Thanks for the replies. It is tough looking at the courses websites and trying to decide so input from people who have actually played there is always helpful. 
I will be going to Hilton Head for my brother in laws wedding in May. I figure scheduling a few rounds will give me some time away from the family for a few hours. My wife has 10 siblings so being around that much family all day every day for a week and a half gets a bit trying.   So if you could play 4 different courses on Hilton Head which ones would you choose? The condo we are staying at is right on #18 at the Arthur Hills course at Palmetto Dunes so I am...
Hello everyone. I am new here and I am checking everything out. This is a pretty great community and it looks like there is a ton of great info. I will try to share if I have something to add.   Just a bit about me: I am from Spokane, WA and have been golfing for about 20 years now. A few years back I was getting to where I was happy with my game but I have regressed a few strokes over the past few years. Now that I am married with a kid it is harder and harder to...
New Posts  All Forums: