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Thanks for the responses. I was hoping to get a round or two in here in Michigan, but weather has not been agreeable. Will post later as to course condition and other info. Playing on Tuesday and Thursday. Can't wait to get to warm weather.
Just picked up a pair of last years model of FJ. I had read a lot of reviews and needed shoes anyway, so was glad to find some closeouts for around $80. It felt a little strange the first time I tightened the knob, but there are no tight or loose spots, it just felt nice and snug. Almost like you foot is being shrink wrapped to the sole of the shoe. Went to the golf dome (live in Michigan, still cold and snow on the ground) and felt good to wear them. It will be nice...
Going to MB for the first time myself in mid-April. Booked two courses on Golfnow.com. Always loved the tv commercials, and was pleased with what I found. Prices had just jumped on another website, but rates I got were lowest I found. Couldn't golf at all last year (surgery), so choose what I hope are very good courses. Tradition and Blackmoor. Welcome any comments.
New Posts  All Forums: