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90 (46-44). 5 rounds in 8 days. Handicap down to 19.4 from 20.3 in that time period. Happy about heading in the right direction
(93) 52-41 on the first 18 (88) 44-44 on the second 18 Didn't hit balls before I played today. Can you tell? Haha
I'm still back on track after my switch back to 10 finger at the beginning of last week. 88-91 today. I think it's safe to say I shaved off 10 strokes per round since I switched.
What a great thread.  I started playing golf last May seriously.  I play about 3 rounds per week as weather permits (I live in Ohio where we really only have a 8 month-ish season.   From last May to September, I used a 10 finger grip.  My thumbs point point down the shaft.  I started to establish my handicap 4 months in and settled in at a 16.  I played baseball at a high level through high school, college and 6 years after college.  My friends told me I picked the...
Thanks for the info guys.  I especially enjoyed the sandbagger stories.  I have never heard of a sandbagger in golf.  I have seen a foursome turn in a -21 in a golf tourney that everyone knew that was BS and a fight ensued at the bar afterwards.    At any rate, thanks and ill keep my eye peeled. 
Do these exist?  I see some people post about golf tourneys they play in and look at their handicaps and they are around my 20 handicap.    Not talking about booze it up golf outings (Very big fan of those by the way).    But somewhat serious tourneys.    If they do exist, what are the best way to find them other than a golf league.    Thanks! Chunk.   PS - My apoligies if this is a stupid question.
170 yard par 3. 5 iron. Front Hole Location. One bounce. Hit the Pin. Hit the Green. Rolled 7 inches away from the cup. Tap in Bird.   That was in my 3rd month playing golf.  Brought me alot of confidence.  Then a month later, the confidence went away.  Then it came back.  Then it went away again.    Gotta love this game.
I just respiked my 1 year old shoes. Sprayed them down with Simple Green then scrubbed the hell out of them.    They are like new.    Has anyone ever wondered why golf shoes are the most comfortable shoes you own. I always wonder why others have not caught on to this yet.  At least that is how I feel.
First 2 rounds using new irons on Monday and Tuesday.    Shot a 96.    8/14 fairways 3/18 GIR 33 putts   What I learned.... I have gained a club in distance with new irons.  Other than a 175 par 3 I hit fat and came up 5 yards short, I was long on almost every approach except the par 5's where I was 3/4 GIR (because I was within 100 yards and in).    Then the next day, I played 2 balls and didnt keep score.  Didn't even pull my driver out.  I hit...
Yup.  Have played 2 rounds and I love them.  One of my biggest problems before was having a low ball flight.  Not any more.  I played yesterday and played 2 balls each shot to help figure out distances.  Not only are they higher, I have gained about a club in length from my data so far.  Need to re-grip them but outside of that, I feel good about paying $350 for them.    Now I just need to straighten my driver out.   
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