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I have on a drew bias does that have anything to with it ? 
I consistently hit my driver on the heel, mid way up on the face .It creates so much spin the ball goes no where  .One pro said get a shorter shaft from the factory .do not cut  the shaft because it become stiffer .Any suggestion to hit it more to center or even the toe 
I carry an extra ball or two in my pocket and the balls ALWAYS cause  black marks in the from on the pimples on the outside material ,especially on white or light colored shorts .Besides not carrying the ball in pocket does anybody have a remedy for the problem .
Some time ago there was a chart that showed the difference in the golf manufactures  club shaft flex .It showed as a rule Callaway was normally very soft and Titlist were strong or stout in their  shafts .Is there more current information showing the difference between the companies definition of stff ,regular etc .?
WU tiger : The number don't lie ..Do you happen to have a list of shafts and manufactures spec which compare different shafts as to stiffness  ,because as stated all companies stiff are not the same .   I was surprised that KBS was so soft compared to PX ,as a rule KBS tour series launch high . I like Nippon as being lite and responsive ...Do you think DG is the most popular steel and most used by amateurs ?   Thanks Rich
I work for a major club company as a demo rep ..The KBS do launch high ,but the  KBS c-taper 130 launches lower with lower spin ..I like Nippon shafts (lite) before you go to graphite ...They now have a wedge shaft  ,
It has been my experience that on occasion the back foot may slip out when using the driver, fairway woods and long irons. This may be caused by high torque. Apparently it would be foolish just to have spikes and one shoe so I believe that's why we have spikes were cleats in both golf shoes.   The golf shoe has evolved into more of a sneaker over the years and many manufacturers only use bumps on the bottom     What is next flat surface. When the weather is...
The only downside to the Witch is if it rains the carts stay on the path and you are dealing with plugged balls all day. It is a unique course and does not fit the mold for general Myrtle Beach golf. It is definitely worth playing and if you play it you will probably meet quite a few locals. One caveat, the South Carolina Highway Patrol often set up their speed guns on Highway 544 and they are brutal. Hey, Myrtlebeachgolf where is your restaurant ,is it in Broadway @...
The Man o war and the Wizard are right next to each other, right off-highway 501.. Man O war has some of the best greens in the grand strand and plenty of water. You may want to pick up the Myrtle Beach golf passport card which gives you many discounts on golf and restaurants. This will save you a considerable amount of money. May is a good time in Myrtle Beach, the golf prices go down and the schools have not let out. If you need any other additional information...
I think we agree on allot .Your toughest group make sense ..One of my favorites is Heritage@ Legends .   I agree that the Norman course @ barefoot is very weak and should be in the overrated .I really like the fact that Crown Park has heated cars and the pace of play is always good .For what they charge w/ the passport card is a great value .The only down side is the food  :( .   A well kept secrets is South Creek .It is over shadowed  by Kings North ,The...
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