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No,but as soon as the weather breaks here in Rochester, NY I will give them a try. And  on your recommendation I'll have a couple of my group try them also. I did try the NXT and I did like them for everything but endurance.One more thing,one of my playing partners swears by the Noodle for distance. We even look the other way when he changes his ProV for a Noodle on the longer holes.I have never used them so I can't comment but maybe someone else has.  
I'll give you the fact that it is soft but I hit the Duo as far as anything else and it is very durable. I really don't mind it being soft because the course I play has very small greens and the Duo is great for the short chips.Also, only 19.95.
Any one try the Wilson Duo? I hit as far as my Pro V1 and it is almost as good around the greens. They are very durable and only 19.95.
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