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If you're so bothered with anxiety, how did you get your index to a 4.3?  Clearly you are capable of playing good golf and block the nerves out.  Figure out what you thought and how you felt the days your scores are good and try to reproduce that situation every time you play.  If that doesn't work, train for stress.  Make practice sessions more stressful - visualize specific tee shots and approach shots.  Never play unless you're playing for something - money, lunch,...
I love this question.  I started playing over 25 years ago and after 2 years, made my high school golf team.  As a beginner, you should lay out some goals for your game.  How far to you want to take it?  How much time can you devote to it?  The golf bug is a disease that can/will consume you!  Once you have a path in mind, find a professional source to teach you the game.  Build a sound swing and develop a great short game.  Finding the right instructor is critical.  I've...
Ball between the elbows to keep relationship of elbows constant through entire swing?  Just curious about this becuase my last lesson says otherswise.
Perfect practice makes for perfect play (well, almost).  This question wasn't just for me.  Sure, I was thinking of my game, but I am interested to learn what the majority of people here do to improve their personal game.   I'm in the midst of a series of lesson's.  Not swing rebuilding, just lots of fine tuning.  My practice sessions are consumed with rehearsing the lessons, drills and then finally some full speed, full swings.  I find that my "on the course" swing...
Nice answer wise  . I realize there is grey area here.  I get dejected by some of the shots I don't hit that I've executed 100's of times on the range.  I'm sure others feel the same way.  The second part - your playing partners - can also impact how you play.  I've always heard it said, if you want to be the best, play against the best.  My thoughts here are that playing with better golfers may push one's game.  If anything, watching good swings all day can be contagious.
Two part question...   1. Practice more or Play more?   2. Play with better golfers or stick with your high handicapper group?
The game is bigger than TW.  Granted, his past record and television presence has done a lot for the game.  That said, no matter who wins this years Masters, there will be an aesterisk for 2014 - the year Tiger didn't play.  The media will focus more on his absence than the eventual winner.
The Master's is my favorite tournament of the year, hands down.  Luckily, I will be making my first appearance.  A Monday practice round.  Forecast is 80% rain, but I'll be there regardless!  More than I can say for guys like Tiger, Phil, Day and Mahan.  I'm sure some form of these guys will show up, but they will most likely not be 100%.  I'm looking to Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott, Keegan, Harris English and Jordan Spieth to add the excitement this year....
I would like to buy a copy.  Is there a link somewhere?  
Tiger does it a lot - with his driver.
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