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Hey everyone, I'm a Junior in highschool 10 handicap and I have tryouts for golf tomorrow. I have an issue, I've been generally playing well but all of a sudden im slicing my driver.... I think this might be caused by a weak grip and maybe an out to in swing? Does anybody have drills to fix my slice? Also, how can I make my golf grip stronger? What adjustments with my hands do I need to make in order to achieve a stronger grip? Thanks for the help!
Hey Everyone. Recently I've been noticing that I'm kind of getting stuck at around low 80's. I think one of the main reasons is mainly my chipping. In general I don't hit many tops and fats, but I will have my slip ups like anyone else. However, I usually average sticking it 10-15 feet away on an "easy" chip... Yes It's on the green and all, but I noticed that the main difference between me and the golfers a bit better than me is accuracy of chipping. For me, my problem...
They don't have a regular time. They all just happen randomly and can be distracting at times
Hello, I am 16 years old and roughy a 12 Handicap... Anyways, I usually don't have an issue but lately my tics from my disorder of Tourette syndrome have been messing up my pre shot routine. Any idea on how I can deal with this? Anybody else have tourettes? This has been throwing me off lately
Hello Everyone, So after visiting NYU today and Columbia I was wondering about athletics. Since nyu is a d 3 school what would you need handicap wise to play for them? I am currently only a sophomore sitting at around 12 handicap I believe. Assuming I improve would I be able to play at a d3 school?
How has your son been doing?Also for my rounds are 41,48,39,39.. We have one more tryout I believe and it is a harder course. I will need a 40 or better to be in heavy consideration for varsity.Honestly one of the main reasons people want varsity golf here is our home course is Olympic Club. And for people who aren't members like me, playing that course for free is amazing!
Hey everyone, I shot a 41! :) All I thought during my shot was "hit it straight baby" lololol. But yeah one more range session and round to go I think. @lihu Tell your son to not dwell on anything that happens. I got a triple on the first hole, got it together and went on a streak. I'm sure he'll do great!
Thanks everyone! I'll let you know how i do today, good or bad!
Hello, I am a sophomore in HS and I have tryouts for golf today. We already had a range session, we will have 2 rounds and another range session. I was on the team last year with anaverage of 44 and now I'm at about 41(9 holes)... however these tryouts will determine where I place on the team for the first few matches. Varsity is a stretch, but it is very possible because we need to shoot below 40 both times to have a chance. Anyways, any advice on what should be going...
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