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Like I said, I've used Cleveland and don't get me wrong they're good. But the ATV makes some of those tricky shots a lot easier. In my opinion.
Thanks for the input! That really does help.
I have two questions. #1 Is it alright to have a strong grip with say 3-4 knuckles?  #2 I tend to have a more forward ball position with all my clubs, is that ok or should I work on putting it back just a bit?
keller19xc they do really well, for me they make the ball pop out of the sand very very easily!
No I haven't. But if this helps any, I did have some cleveland cg-16 wedges and they were good but in my opinion not as good as the atv.
UPDATE: Purchased two ATV wedges, 52 and 56 degrees. I love them, they just glide off the surface of the turf. Anyone wanting to get them, they are well worth the money!
In the past couple of days I've been coming over the top in my swing slightly. I think my shoulders are pulling over just a little, hence making me to have a slight fade on some shots. Any tips you guys have on this would be awesome!
Pardon? I don't understand what you mean?
To anyone that has tried the ATV wedge, how do you like them? I'm thinking about upgrading my wedges but I'm curious to find out what people think about them. 
My handicap is 12 but recently I've been scoring higher. It's because of my short game. I've really neglected it to work on my long game.
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