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Brill ill probably end up sticking with the skycaddie and just moan to myself lol
Yeah I was totally aware of all the costs that the unit would bring. It's just now it's starting to bug me. I mean when you brake it down its like 30p a day or something small like that so it's not the amount I need to pay its just the fact that I need to lol. What you've got is the way it should be pay good amount of money for the device and that's it.
Thanks forepoints for your feedback as i said the yearly subscription isn't much when you break it down throughout the year. It's just the fact that I need to pay it after already shelling out the money for the device to start with. The thing is I new I would have to its just a few years down the line and its now bugging me lol! Yeah so thanks for your opinion. Hope you have a good season on the course!
Hi everyone I'm new here so please be gentle. I have a skycaddie SG3.5 but the problem I have is that the hand held cost me enough money to start with and I'm now getting a bit fed up with the yearly subscription. I know it equates to nothing if you break it down. I was thinking about changing to a Laser range finder. I know this gas probably been disgust a hundred times but anyone's experience with these devices would be great. Happy golfing and thanks for your time.
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