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man I wish we had anything that scenic around here. Those michigan courses look amazing. Might have to make a summer trip up there. But then again those desert courses look awesome and the links courses and of course I have to go to Bandon. Too many courses, not enough time (or money). Lol
i play 59's with kbs tour x. Came from dg s300 and will never go back. Incredible feel and great flight. I'm 5 yards longer despite going up a flex. If I was you I would give them a try. If you don't like them have the shafts swapped and sell the kbs. They are an easy sell.
I'll rotate drivers every other year or so but never buy the new stuff just buy a year or 2 old and save the money for green fees. As far as everything else, i just bought new irons and wedges for the first time in 7 years. I'm a feel player and when I find something that feels right i stick with it. With the driver though I'm always looking for that magic stick that will have me hitting 400 yard bombs. Lol.
If your playing the ball back in your stance with woods your not going to get optimal launch conditions. Your basically squeezing the ball out with a low launch and spinning it in the air. You need to work on hitting the ball forward in your stance and with the driver have a neutral to slightly up AoA. That alone will knock a ton of spin off and get your ball higher in the air. You could gain 20-25 yards with this alone. After you feel comfortable with this swing your...
Super stroke ultra slim 1.0 awesome grip. immediately improved my putting. the reverse taper fits me perfect.
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