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honestly the laser part is a joke that should be banned
I am using a winn midsize on my white ice 2 ball and i can say it is one of the best golf purchases i have made!
I just bought an r11s for $200. You may still be able to get one at dicks, golf galaxy, and golfsmith if you hurry because they are on sale from 300
Tiger Woods -14 Phil Mickelson -13 Graeme McDowell -12
Hey guys I am looking for a new pair of golf shoes since my Samba golf pair ran out. I am interested in what pair you think is the better shoe, the 360 or the adizero. By the way what shoe  do you wear?
Thanks for the tips!
Hey guys i now have a gym membership and i am not sure what exactly i should be doing for golf specifically. Let me know what you do for your game at the gym. As always thanks for the feedback!
I am looking for a new driver and i was wondering what you guys think, r11s or the rbz. I am coming off my burner 2.0 and my main complaint about it was how high the ball goes and how much spin it has. Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah i was just hitting the rbz, might get i am going to compare it to the r11s once i have the chance
Hi I am looking for a new driver to replace by burner superfast 2.0 any recommendations? 
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