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late..... sorry
On most par 4's,he has his caddy go on down to the green,and tend the flag.
I know where you are coming from. When I first started playing I was in that very same boat.I could bomb it long and fairly straight, and commence to screw the hole up from there. Finally grooved in an iron swing and a decent short game, and cant hit driver now to save my life. If you would have told me 2 years ago that my iron and wedge game was going to be the best part of my game, I would have laughed my ass off. It took some time and a lot of work, now Ive gotta figure...
The fact that we have a thread concerning the color of gloves may be one of the reasons I love this game. I did find a great deal on 5 black Nike gloves for 20 bucks. Well, actually my buddy found it, and me being the only lefty he knows, he passed it along to me. They do look kind of odd while wearing short sleeves, but seem to flow quite well in long sleeves. IMO, but I can appreciate a man sticking to his guns and saying they are offensive. SIDENOTE: Sometimes if I am...
I am absolutely, without a doubt, strung slam out on it. Never was a great husband, but I was one hell of a fisherman. Now I am a mediocre golfer. Strung slam out. It's almost been 3 yrs. since I started, hasn't got any better. Glad to say my club buying has slowed down. Everything you guys have testified to in this thread, I am guilty of.
Thanks for all the replies. Visited the scene of the crime today and kinda re-lived the moment for a minute. Tee's and pin were in similar locations, hit same club, drew a lil to much, ended up 15' pin high, made par.
I've never replied to this particular  thread for some reason, I've read a lot of what you guys have posted here, and have enjoyed, and learned from them. I started playing this great game of ours almost 3 yrs ago, but have played 4 or 5  days a week since day one, a lot of times 5 or 6 days in row. Yea I've got it pretty bad. I've been mid to low 80's for awhile now. So today wasn't that special shooting an 80, but something special did happen today. I've felt like, for...
5 on a team, that's pretty cool. Keep us posted on the season. I once played with my father in law, who is also a lefty, after 2 holes we ran into a father-son duo that were both left handed. The course was way backed up, so we finished the round as a left handed foursome.   
Small group aren't we.
Called my dad to tell him about it. That's pretty much what he said.  
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