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I don't like Tiger or Sergio. I am heading to KFC now. They have wings on special
  I can tell you one thing. The people that putt with these strange looking putters look dumb. I am sorry but that is how I see it.  I wish they would have banned them years ago.    I think many of these tour players will have to take up fishing or something when the ban takes place. I hate it for a few who know nothing else. Some have played with these strange putters since taking up the game. I also see more heckling coming when players continue to use these until the...
Good , that makes you a math expert. The original topic was about the biggest jerk on tour that was started in 2008. Let just leave it be and enjoy the day. I made my point and post and we all have our opinions. This is just a message board. I happen to view things different than others sometimes but no harm intended. Over and out on this subject. This is all you will hear from me on this topic.
 I do not like Tiger. That's a fact Jack
I want to see a replay
The red arrow shows where he crossed as far as I could see. I still say incorrect drop but I will bet you this will be the last we hear about it
 I totally agree
Miller noticed what I did. He took an incorrect drop and will probably get away with it. I play with people all the time that do the same thing. The move way ahead of where the ball should be dropped. I am going to find a sky view of hole 14 and see for myself
I did not see any official even look close at it. I am telling you the ball last crossed the hazard way back from where he hit his next shot, I say 50 yards back. I hope they show it again
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