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never mind, we got it worked out
What you do with the rest of the money >? . Do you just pay the entire amount that was put up even though only 9 holes were completed ? We have some angry people that they did not get 1/2 their money back when it rained. We put up money for the front and back 9 holes. Only 9 holes were completed. Our course is short and you should complete 18 holes in 3.5 hours. We used the 5 hour limit because some would say that when the weather clears they will go back out and play. A...
At our course we play four times a week. Wed at 12 and fri at 12. Sat and Sun at 9. We usually have anywhere from 12 to 24 golfers who all have points established . Once in a while somebody will show up and our rule is until they have three rounds they are froze at whatever the pro says they are. The most they can help is plus 3 and hurt is - 3. After three rounds they have points. We put up $15. Ten of those dollars are for team points on front and back ( most over ) we...
I don't like Tiger or Sergio. I am heading to KFC now. They have wings on special
  I can tell you one thing. The people that putt with these strange looking putters look dumb. I am sorry but that is how I see it.  I wish they would have banned them years ago.    I think many of these tour players will have to take up fishing or something when the ban takes place. I hate it for a few who know nothing else. Some have played with these strange putters since taking up the game. I also see more heckling coming when players continue to use these until the...
Good , that makes you a math expert. The original topic was about the biggest jerk on tour that was started in 2008. Let just leave it be and enjoy the day. I made my point and post and we all have our opinions. This is just a message board. I happen to view things different than others sometimes but no harm intended. Over and out on this subject. This is all you will hear from me on this topic.
 I do not like Tiger. That's a fact Jack
I want to see a replay
The red arrow shows where he crossed as far as I could see. I still say incorrect drop but I will bet you this will be the last we hear about it
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