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That's what I'm going to do. I do like new stuff, but would also like my old driver to end up with the win so I can spend more on playing golf. I'll update this thread again with my findings.
Of course! This isn't an either or thing.
I am greedy. I'm 6'2" with extremely long arms and I should be hitting 275 on average.
How about a reshaft?
The str8 fit was fit for me but by the Nike rep and by the eye test only
Hi all, I have a nike VR str8-fit driver (from 2010) and was wondering with new drivers out there now if I am leaving distance off the table with what I'm gaming now. I was fit for the str8fit, hit it out there around 240/250 with a very slight draw, its in a stiff ust mamiya made for Nike AvixCore. I have it set on the flat neutral setting. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: