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Playing well requires you to think back to a successful shot you made. Here's your chance to tell us about it. I'll start with my best shot of today.   My best shot of the day was the approach shot on hole # 3 at River Spirit GC, Cat Tails course. From 196 yards out, I hit a sweet Taylormade 4-hybrid to the green. It was straight and cleared the water hazard guarding the green. It landed pin high, about 7 feet away from the hole.   And yours was?
I took a lesson from Paul Holtby who won Big Break IV in Ireland. He told me that with the new drivers, it's now new to tee up the ball higher and off your toe. The reason is because shafts are longer these days and you have to account for a longer shaft by moving the ball further up towards the toes instead of the heel. Now, if you play with an older driver then off the heel is correct.
Strange, I was in the same boat last week. I was shanking and couldn't figure it out. Then I tried something new on my setup. I started addressing my ball from the toe of my driver. I aimed to return the club from the inside and hitting the ball from the 3-6 o'clock range. It worked - no more shanking.
I'm in this handicap range too but I don't consider myself a high handicapper. I tried out new clubs at a demo day to see if I would gain anything from new technology and a pro on the range told me to spend my money towards a lesson instead. He said if you have a good swing, you can hit anything. I took his advice and took a stroke improvement lesson. I took my handicap down a few points and noticed that I can now tell a good club from a bad club. 
Worm burners are usually caused when you swing and lift up. Try slowing down your swing and concentrate on driving a nail through the back of the ball with your wood.
Wow! That sounds like me but I didn't injure myself. I was hitting it well, really grooving my swing then suddenly, the dreadful shank appeared. I didn't think much of it, laughed it off I thought then suddenly, it happened again and again. It got worst - it robbed me of my confidence. I was shanking more and more. It was frustrating to say the least.   I read a really good article in Golf Digest last month written by Butch Harmon about shanking so I decided to give...
I started a golf league at the last place I worked at by hosting a golf tournament. I approached several managers who I knew played golf and asked if they could help me. They first suggested that it be a company event so I pursued it that way. The HR department got really sticky about the legality of the tournament, citing that I would have to clear everything with the legal department before posting any ad up on the company bulletin boards. They said if I ran the...
There are a number of websites (eg. golfballs.com) that can personalize your balls. Sometimes, manufacturers like Titleist offer free personalization. I would look around locally and find a local supplier, otherwise you will be paying for shipping and golf balls are pretty heavy in bulk.
I picked one up for $10 and use it to fetch my ball or my playing partner's ball from the water. Recently, I used it to retrieve a ball that went underneath a dried up bush/ cactus plant that would inflict a nasty wound. I've seen the Callaway retriever that comes in its own case but personally, I don't think it's worth the money.
I'll be there next week to see third and fourth round. World No. 1 Stacy Lewis representing USA should fair well against Asian superpowers.
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