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Wow 5'9 and 140 and u consistently hit is 300 plus!! That would be something I have to see. Do U live in Colorado at elevation or west texas on a runway? I agree that u don't hav to be strong and its a combination of a good swing, SOLID hit and athletic ability.
I have done aimpoint and decided not to use it. Like people said above its not for everyone. I did learn from it and took some stuff away from it that I still keep in mind. There is no genious in green reading its extremely simple as long as you practice your speed so you can picture your ball rolling past the cup the same distance everytime...that's the only thing u really need to know. With tht being said I would never tell anyone not to go to an aimpoint school if given...
Neil Wilkins in sugar land. He's worked with a log tour players and tour winners a lot of a&m players. Great instructor with a lot of knowledge and he motivates you as well
This is my scorecard from a my monday qualifier for the Louisiana web.com. I played the par 5s 8 under including a double eagle hahaha the scary part about it is I Didn't even qualify haha
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