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For whatever reason I've always liked Golfshot more. I've used it for almost every round for two years. Golflogix provides more information, but the UX just isn't as good I don't think.
Yeah it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 145 feet. I believe it was the 7th hole that Lee Trevino hit a million dollar hole in one on a few years back in a tournament - which has a 90 foot drop.
@shihtappens Thanks for the thoughts on Gearhart - going to have to make it more of a priority now! Also kind of cool it's the oldest golf course west of the Mississippi.   So far I've played: -The Golf Club at Black Rock -Blackwolf Run (River) -Whistling Straits -Arcadia Bluffs -Oakland Hills (South) -Olympic Club (Lake) -And all the Bandon Courses   Arcadia Bluffs and Black Rock were probably my two favorites. And just a couple weeks ago I played Diamante...
Didn't play the Masterpiece at Treetops, but I did play Threetops at the same resort.   This photo of #3 "Devils Drop" was definitely one of the best par 3s I've played!  
Bandon, hands down. It's a trek to get there, but its some of the most beautiful land in the country.   Not to mention the only place you can play 4 Top 100 Courses in the US on one property.
Started my quest this year and knocked off 11/100.   In order I played:   The Golf Club at Black Rock - About as fun as golf gets Blackwolf Run - Similar to above, but much more crowded Whistling Straits - Expensive, but worth it to do it once Medinah #3 - HARD. Grounds are amazing, course wasn't my favorite Arcadia Bluffs - Probably my favorite of all top 100 so far Oakland Hills - Liked it more than I thought I would, almost had hole in ones on both 3 and...
I was pretty surprised to see 4 par 3s on the back 9 at Pacific Dunes when I was down there. Definitely not your typical routing.
Curious to know what you find. I just played Astoria Country Club last week, and was blown away - totally exceeded my expectations.  That said, I drove by Gearhart and have been wondering if it's worth playing - been on my list for awhile now.
Aspen Lakes about half an hour from Bend, Oregon is still one of my favorite courses of all time. Beautiful mountain views, fun holes, and red cinder cone bunkers make it a pretty unique round.
Fingers crossed this one actually happens. Played all the Bandon Courses in November, and was pretty blown away.
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