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Glad to see I have some fellow Oklahomans on here! As far as the Tahlequah courses go, of you can only play nine holes I would play the back nine at cherry/Cherokee springs (they're in the midst of a name change) ill have to come check out that OU course, the nicest I've played is Forrest Ridge in Broken Arrow. It's a little closer to me and its tough!
Just wanting to see if I have any fellow Oklahomans or any one that lives in NW Arkansas on here? I'm looking for some new courses to play!
Both courses do have ranges but they are atrocious. Little to no grass on the tee area and no distance markers. Basically charging $10 a bucket to hit trash balls into an empty field. So if I opened one and did it right then it would easily be the nicest in town. Is a net required? Both of the ranges at the courses here don't have betting around the range?
I'm thinking about opening a range in the town I live in. Good idea or bad? I can get the land cheap, maybe $15,000 or less and in this town we only have one 18 hole course and two 9 hole courses. All three ranges are terrible and expensive. So I need advice from all of you! If I'm gonna do it what do I need to know?
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