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Sorry unbiased not bias or (umbias Slover UT) and I never said you couldn't make up your own mind. I also don't think this is about Koolade. It's about a very old system that has been around since the early 1900's and a few groups of people that are marketing a simular system with thier own logos attached for the simple fact of building business. However, since I am as well In the business of instruction, My purpose in reading this post is to get it right, weather that's...
Im not really completely buying what your saying here. I think you should post this at the Bio- Mechanics Group on FaceBook I would love to hear their comments since they are completely Bias. Then you can really stand by this study to take down two guys that have been trying to better the game of Golf.
Come down to Galloway and play the Seaview. Atlantic City is 7 miles away great old Hotel with a few bars next to the course and take the Hotel taxi to Reval.
Thanks iacas, I do understand the hand foot relationship of a sprinter, lets call that address for a golf swing. But what about transition hand off the ground body leaning forward and pressure on the blocks. More of a dynamic motion, right? We say that we can't measure weight in a dynamic system, but we can all see it, in certain examples like this. I can appreciate the numbers you guys came up with and they are surprising. There was one extreme video posted by Erik of the...
Great work Erik J. Barzeski. I was just wondering about weight and pressure. For example, When a sprinter is in the starting block where is his weight and where is his pressure? Is it possible for weight to be leaning forward and pressure to be pushing downward and back to create a movement? Weight and pressure being so different.
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