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  I don't want to hear about homosexuality, but such is what will happen when watching any type of broadcast. 
  Well if that is the case then why remove it from the banned substance list at all?    WADA is the organization that banned deer antler spray, but has since decided it is ok as it doesn't really contain enough IGF-1 to aid in performance.  I understand your point that if he knew it was banned then he shouldn't have taken it, but in the statements from Singh he stated he didn't know and was shocked.  Whether he is lying or not, which I believe he is, the tour should have...
That's one :)
This is great advice.  The only thing in your bag that you use on every single shot is the ball.  If your ball is changing multiple times during a round it will be very hard to get consistency.  I picked up 4dz DT Solo's at a local golf smith for $9 each last week.  Well worth it and perfect for my game.  Regardless of what ball you decide to use make sure you keep it consistent. 
I would have to disagree.  I am not saying Vijay is a saint, but the statement originally said it may or may not have contained IGF-1.  If you are going to do anything publically at least make sure it contains the substance in which you are trying to make a point on.  The Tour should have thought that through and I believe the Vijay will probably win the suit. 
43 on a fairly easy course.  Didn't lose a ball though which is nice.  Had some great drives, and two not so good drives.  I just couldn't putt which has become the bane of my golf game.  I can't seem to get the speed down on my putts.  Really starting to drive me nuts, but just need more practice. 
    I ran into this at a mixed format 3 day tournament.  It was down to me against someone that I was well matched up with.  We were in match play and I had to win for my team to win the tourney.  My opponent had the honor and he duffed it right in the water.  Of course the first thing I thought of was just get it over the water.  Took the pressure (as my drives were less than great the previous two days) and smacked my drive about 260 dead center of the fairway.  Wound...
#1 to be more consistent #2 to break 90 and eventually 80   #2 will come if I can get #1 finished or at least on it's way to completed. 
My best shot wasn't out on the course instead it was out on the driving range.  I was gripping down on my sand wedge trying to zero in some distances with full swings all the way to half swings with different grip positions.  I was aiming at 75 yards and hit about 5 or so shots right at the target.  The sixth or so shot wound up hitting directly on top of the PVC pipe and bouncing about 15 yards straight up.  It was very rainy here, so I was the only one at the range (go...
I am an IT manager for US operations for a global chemical manufacturing firm. 
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