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    Down the line, hopefully this will make it easier to offer any suggestions with both videos.
Sergio, Keegan Bradley and Stewart Cink for completely sabotaging what would have been the greatest story ever told at Turnberry in '09!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIyds5YoOiY   I'll have a down the line view asap. Playing 18 holes tomorrow, I'll try and stay more centred and capture it on video.
You're able to see the embedded video?  It says there is an error for me.   Thanks for the advice cipher, staying more centred is something I hope to achieve and something I hope to ingrain fairly quickly. It is difficult for me after swinging this way for so long.
Hey,   New guy here, although I have been browsing the forums for a good number of years. It's only now I've decided to take a more logical step in trying to improve my swing. I think a lot about my golf swing, every single day I'll think about certain things whether it my grip, posture or follow through until my head is sore!   After seeing my swing on camera, it's been quite a sobering experience. It doesn't feel like it looks.  One of things I have noticed...
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