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Literally what the hell happened to our 43 degree warm up today??? -5 is not what I was expecting.
We just have to believe hard enough and maybe it will come true.   
Well today I woke up and it was roughly 10 degrees outside, but the bright side is that tomorrow we have a high of 43 and then Saturday a high of 50! Things better keep warming up to get all this snow out of the way.
Cannot catch a break with these cold temps in NH still. I usually like to hear the 7-day forecast to see if in at least a week things will be warming up, but that wish is not being fulfilled. Looks like next Wednesday is supposed to be frigid temps and so are the days preceding it. I'M DONE.
NH just had a stretch of maybe three days with warmish 40 degree temperatures, and now we are dipping back into the teens tonight... I just can't catch a break here.
Well the weather had a change of heart last night and dumped some freezing rain on us...still not summer but hey, at least it isn't snow.
The sun is shining bright but it doesn't look like much melting is going on.
The blue sky has finally come back to NH everyone.... and yes, @treebound I do enjoy using the net and the set up and tear down are so hassle-free. It was only $50 at Sports Authority too which made me a very happy guy.
All I can do right now is putt around in my room. Soon enough ill be back on the range.
@LuciusWooding I don't remember what that thing is called....I think we orbit it though if my sources are correct.
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