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There isn't anything wrong with his swing.  He just needs to stop trying to cut the ball constantly.  He isn't 21 anymore.  That whole out to in pre-shot routine he does is only complicating things.  He needs to just take a normal practice swing and focus on the straight or baby draw.  Swing your swing Tiger. haha
I'm trying to figure out why Keenan didn't pay the wager?  Did I not read something properly?
i have been saying that he should be playing a draw for a while now.  He obviously isn't consistent enough with the cut and sometimes yanks it left or just over cooks it and hits a banana ball.  His natural swing right now would be a baby draw.  STOP WITH THE DAMN CUT ALREADY!
plenty of golf left.  just asked Tiger who thinks he is still in contention...
I think Tiger is over thinking a lot of his shots.  Does anyone else feel that way?
we don't have any independent ranges around.  they all shut down.  only ones open now are the ones on the courses.
New Posts  All Forums: