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Was your title hacked?
I tried watching it a few times, perhaps I was expecting more golf, so I was really disappointed. Didn't see the first host, so maybe it was better back then. Thirsty Traveler is a pretty solid show.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...DME:B:EF:US:11 eBay item number: 320154551739 Looks NICE!
100% rating means NOTHING. If they sell bogus clubs to people that don't know any better, of course they are going to get positive feedback. Also look CLOSELY @ the feedback. I could buy 200-300 cheap items, promptly pay the seller and get 200-300 positive feedbacks, but how many items have I SOLD? How many customers have I SATISFIED? Click on the links- look at past auctions and look at the winning bidders, and then see the winning bidder's history, to double-check...
I constantly curse at myself and call myself hideous and disgusting names throughout every round. I hate me. Does this count?
paula creamer is beautiful
Totally agreed. Artists, actors, musicians and the like have cranked out the most amazing and creative stuff while under the influence of drugs. Not that I condone drug use (because I don't) but the world would be a very different (and probably boring) place without them, especially in the hands of those very talented folks!
Rory is such a baby, Congrats TW
A 5 hour round at one of the public courses in my area (Dyker Beach GC, Brooklyn) would be considered SPEED GOLF. Still sucks though since you're used to quicker rounds.
i want to know what that feels like so badly...
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