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And my Super Chokers keep the trend alive, that one was for you Norval
Saints, GB, 49ers, Cowboys, Falcons/Rams. Houston, Bengals, Broncos , Pats, Chargers/Colts.
Walter ends up in a wheel chair with a bell, Jr takes over operations and everyone else dies. Sunset in Havana. The End.
If it wasn't for the witty responses, I would have no hair.
Go hit the clubs, how the well would anyone know but you.
That is a brilliant idea flint.
Bubba Watson -8 Graham Delaet -12
What would your "X-wife" have to say about this? Something tells me you're risking weekend visits. Would never happen.
Any soccer team with players above the age 11. The entire WNBA. Whatever teams left in the little league world series .
Saturday, swing faster. I move the ball forward with my 56 to keep it under100. I don't ever try to hit it further, those are mistakes..
New Posts  All Forums: