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Our first lesson was rescheduled to this Monday. I am so ready and the weather will be nice. My boss said that I should join their company league once I get comfortable enough. I can see myself getting into this. Travelling to Vegas to play, etc. Haha
Oh this is funny! I got you and Roblar mixed up. HahahaI do miss California.
So are you saying that you're in California right now? Jealous!I'm headed back for a visit in August. Haven't been home in a little over a year.Hope you're having a great time!
Born & raised in Kern County, moved out here via San Jose. I first moved to Norman but now live in MWC.
Also, you all are amazing at responding to my question. I thank each and one of you!
Im a Californian in Oklahoma. :)
I skipped on buying the regular size clubs and decided to check out Dicks Sporting Goods. They were having a sell on last years models, I picked up a 16 piece and stand bag for $120! And the best part...the clubs were petite size. I am now ready for my first leson.
Thank you. I hope they do too. I'm a pretty patient person so I know I wont get frustrated quickly...just hope the instructor is the same. :)
Hahaha thanks for the laugh! Yeag, after I posted my question it dawned on me that I could also google the answer. I found a few how-to videos and it seems pretty easy. Probably wont do it myself but knowing it's possible makea me feel better about buying clubs that are for someone over 5'...unlike myself. It was either that or buying the junior version club set. :) -CaliOkie
So, I have my first golf lesson in just over a week. I'm a short person, under 5', and and will nees some petite clubs. My question is, I found some inexpensive clubs but they are not petite, is it possible to have a buddy of mine trim down the shaft (I think that's what it's called) in order for them to fit me better? Thanks in advance for humoring my newbiness. -CaliOkie
New Posts  All Forums: