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I tend to struggle with sand shots, shots from 70 yards in, and green side chips.   Joe
Back in High School, I played in a tournament and played 18 holes with Keith Fergus. That would be around 1970-71.   Joe
Just put a jumbo Winn 1.60 on my putter. My putting has improved tremendously in the three rounds since.   Joe
Picked up a Leupold GX-2i for $239 at an Edwin Watts store closing sale in Arlington, TX.   Gonna use it for the first time tomorrow.   Joe
I'm like you, I am not so much interested in having the "longest ever" type clubs. I used to play a pretty long game in my younger days, but these days 250 is about my longest drive and, pushing 60, I find that I am more into staying in the short grass than trying to get longer. Hence, I'm looking for more game improvement type clubs now. I will be back in the Dallas area next week. I'll probably hit the PGA Superstore and Golfsmith soon after arriving. Joe
I was at the Tulsa Golf Galaxy yesterday thinking about getting some new irons to replace my Ping G15's. I hit Xhot Pro, speedblades , rocketblades, Mizuno EZ's, and one other that doesn't come to mind right now. The two Taylormade types were fine. I absolutely hated the Mizuno EZ's. The Xhot Pro's were sweet! My first shot was a little squibbler, but after that the 6 iron was getting out there to 170+. My current Pings are in the 160 range for a 6 iron. I was unable to...
I just bought the Xhot driver a couple of weeks ago. I hit Ping, Rocketballs. And Cleveland, but got the best results and feel from the Xhot. Using it on the course has been FUN!!
This is such a GREAT story!! I like this Dufner guy.   Joe
So, are these MP-4's considered game improvement irons or are they for the low handicappers only??   Joezilla
I noticed that Dick's Sporting Goods has Taylormade Burner 3.0 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids for sale. Can this be right? I have found no mention on Golf Galaxy or Golfsmith's websites. So, is it fact or fiction?? Joe
New Posts  All Forums: