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How to play this hole? The fairway has a hard run to the right, it also has a hazard along the entire right side of the fairway. There are trees on the left but you can manage your way out, unlike the right side hazard. What is the best shot on this hole. I usually hit a cut down the left hand side, the other day I hit a draw down the right side. The cut is much more comfortable for me. Problem is if i miss or its over cooked its heading out. Maybe i should start...
Academy is their short 9 hole. Fun quick 9. Longest par 4 is 325. 4 par 3' s and 5 par 4's . Definitely your best bet on 4th of July in somerset county.
Unless someone gets u on trump your not playing. It is great though. I forgot to mention Royce brook cc. Is semi private nice course design.
Def play Neshanic valley then stop at thirstys bar and grill for the London broil sandwhich. Berkshire valley is also a awesome course that is right up there near morristown.
I found my ball in the fescue not marked by any stakes. I deemed it unplayable because it was. I should have taken a picture. What is the proper proceeding. I dropped 1 club length from where the ball was at rest, no closer to the hole. Second question if playing in fescue that is not marked if your clubs hits the plants during address, backswing, or forward swing is this ground. The club is not resting on plant life but growth is up to the knees and very difficult...
Easy nothing I clearly start my bit with "if your plaing in the US".
If your keeping score under the USA      www.GHIN.com   handicapping system   im pretty sure you post every score to have an accurate hc.  these unposted rounds in the 80's IMHO make you a BANDIT-SANDBAGGER-CHEAT pick 1.  If I were in your club and found out you were never keeping score of your match play rounds, (you are playing golf)  or kept going out for "practice rounds" in the 80's  I would avoid you like the plague and let my friends know your practices as well, you...
Over the course of 9 holes if team A won the first 2 and there's a pres the press is over the course of the next 7 holes on the front and if they win 3 and 4. Where is does the match stand
How do you keep track of a nassau match with automatic 2 down presses. And how does the money add up? Lets give the monetary value 5$ original bet
I guess Phil doesn't have the specs on his driver right or is just a huge girl winning the British open with no driver in the bag, relying on 3 woods & long irons while competing against those big balled manly men with properly fitted drivers. ! What a friggin girl! They should put an asterisk near his name on the claret jug! I didn't want to fall into your trolling, but you sound just oh so ignorant! Good players choose their club based on hole layout, and course...
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