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@daa averageing 300 is 20 yards better than pga average. Very impressive.
I have a 109mph swing. But carry is only 230-240ish. I know I can get a better carry and drive with this swing speed. How do you launch the ball. I know my issue is that I drag the handle way in front of the ball at impact. How can I get the club to release properly and not deloft so much?
It sounds like you are just getting tired, lazy, or trying to much.  After those first 30 or so good shots call it a day, practice some chipping than some putting.  Your legs or arms might be getting tired and that's screwing up your normal swing, than you start thinking about the swing too much and before you know it you're not swinging your swing.  next time just hit the small bucket nice and fresh.  See how that goes..and the hips forward video is the best.  I warm up...
You're a non-golfer if If you use the phrase "I haven't used my mulligan"
If your cell phone is clipped to your belt during play you're a non-golfer
As Colin cowherd would say, "this is a you problem". Really maybe you need to lighten up, do your kids play sports and not keep score? Just saying..lol
I wanted to play something different than a prov1. I tried sr, and vstar. I didn't like sr but liked the vstar. So I'd put a couple vstar and couple prov in bag. to compare them both I would alternate whenever I lost 1. I would keep track of how many holes I'd have the same ball for and how I would score. I found I had a more predictable flight with prov which lead to more chances at birdie. Was my score score drastically different? No, but I found I was in better...
910 & 913 is the same
To get better i feel like you need a high shot that can land near flag and hold. Not a low shot that rolls off. The low shot is only desirable when needed. For a stock shot I would much prefer a rising approach that holds my target. I have developed the high shot from the drill video above.
So glad there's a website like this. That video saved me so much aggravation and money, 5 days of practicing that move from the hips video and I'm playing best golf ever. 3 birdies and an eagle Sunday. I had so much control fades and draws at will. Putting and a few bad t shots kept me from breaking 80 had 3 - 3 putts. Shot 80.That hips forward drill even works dry just practicing in the living room getting yelled at by the wife. If only I could practice hips forward...
New Posts  All Forums: