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Don't know if there is a thread on this but who has a sweet home set up. Basement bar, putting green, simulator. Lets see some pictures. I have a decent space in my basement and need ideas
I entered the contest.
I have a 52 only because from70-50 yards I can give a nice full 3/4 swing. I suck at controlling wedge distance so I carry 4 of them and no 4 iron.besides the p wedge I have the 50-54-58-62. This allows m full swings at various distances. I refuse to chip with the high loft 54 s generally highest loft I'll chip with.
It was the sldr we talked about with 12* face. Now I just need to rob a bank to afford it.
Hopeful hacker do some research before laughing at someone. Your an idiot! I'm laughing at the fact poo comes out of your mouth.
Yea I figured the swing speed and spin rate would be pretty reliable, as far as shot shape and distance idk. I Don't put much stock in those numbers if anything ill look at carry but even that doesn't make sense, it claimed a 109mph swing with a 9* launch angle carried 275 and rolled out to 302. I think that defys physics with such a low launch. It would look like a forever carrying line drive
How accurate are the golfsmith, golfgalaxy simulators in terms of swing speed launch angle and ball speed? I liked the numbers I saw but am interested in what ya'll think of the accuracy of them.
Yes it got highjacked and taken for a ride.  But google maps works great and its fun to know how far you drive the ball.  I will be using it to map out courses I've never played before this upcoming season.  
It a fun discussion. The biggest thing to me is playing them at my home course there is 2 par 5 that would give them a putt at eagle and 2 par 4 that would prob give them 1 putt at eagle. I feel there distance just puts me at big disadvantage. But that's cool davidfl got to play with graham.
Playing a pro in match play. Put the nerves aside. Would we really stand a chance against a pro. I heard from someone Phil is a +6 I'm a 9. So figure at my home course which is 6850 from the tips he is giving me not even a stroke a hole. I don't think it would even be close. Just a random conversation my friends and I have figured I would share with the community. Take your home course your handicap see what they would be giving you and laugh about how absurd the...
New Posts  All Forums: