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IHIW the group in front of you are looking for their ball way too long and don't have a clue about the people behind them.
I can see The Donald stepping up by pledging one of his courses for an LPGA Masters.
I played a Payne Stewart signature course a couple years ago in Branson got paired up with an older couple mid 70's I guess. First few holes were very slow play then I asked if they wanted to play scramble format they agreed and it made for a fun day.
Through a google search you'll find the names of half of the 300 total members of the club.
Funny thing is that I don't see Augusta's women members jumping on Paula's bandwagon.
ANGC required all caddies to be black up until 1959, it wasn't until 1990 when the club had its first African-American members, 2012 was the first year for women members, Condoleezza Rice most notable. An exclusive private membership club may do whatever they please. No beans to the LPGA.
Just bought 9 degree KE4 ST-1 clubhead/Aldila RIP Alpha 7 stiff shaft club pack from Golfworks. Love the lower ball flight.
You explained it in a good example TB I get it now. Thanks!
Technology allowing players of lesser ability to compete ok I'll agree with that in regard to amatuers like me but not on PGA Tour stage.
I don't buy that crap about technology allowing players of lesser ability to compete. I do agree with Gary Player on "the harder you practice the luckier you get".
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