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Tiger will certainly dominate a given number of tournaments in the future, he is too great to not dominate. But it is simply too early to expect a sharp game out of Tiger when you consider his back surgery only four months ago. He should have taken the year off to recover physically and mentally and then return in 2015.
I don't see Tiger qualifying in points to make the Ryder Cup Team. With that being said it would be something special to see Tiger approach Tom Watson in an effort to assist him in a support role for the team. Tiger has much to offer the U.S. Team in terms of experience, focus and mental toughness.
It's easy to second guess Tiger in a number of ways specifically when it comes to swing coaches; not only has he had three swing coaches throughout his career, he has rebuilt his swing from the ground up each time. But you have to appreciate his work ethic on the practice range between tournaments. Is he rusty around the edges? Oh heck yeah! Will he win more majors ? You better believe it !
Congrats to the winners!! Nice pickins guys!
Moving parts within a club are non-conforming.
No stopping the Rory Train Cuz the train is on track!!
ESPN commentators are ho hum I miss Faldo in the booth and yes Miller as well.
That goatee is -6 in last 9 holes!! Go goatee!!
It's good to see Fowler doing so well - the genius of Butch Harmon shows through.
With all the wayward tee shots from Tiger it's a wonder why he never has put his 1 Wood/Driver Stinger into play, it's been said that he and Haney had developed it in practice sessions.
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