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Some started center then drew left, most shots started left with a draw. On the bright side the guy working with me said I did not spray my shots far off line.
A great day on the course begins by: 1) Picking up my buddy at his house, telling his wife I'll look after him and hearing her say "Gary you better not be out late tonight." 2) Lacing up my golf shoes looking over at Phil who is complaining that his socks don't match. 3) Asking one of our gang Greg if he packed us a little hooch to keep warm, he says yeah and pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels (one of those mini bottles you get on a plane). I am not rich but I am certainly...
I wish my AoA was positive! Most of my drives on Shot Analysis were left of center or target.
Great information Mr. D I will get to the driving range with a plan of attack. Thanks!
You're right on Mr. D I will be working on increasing AoA and lowering backspin. I'll use mvmac,s tips but why the closed stance?
Full run Joe I know not much, below is the average for 13 swings: ss: 93, ballspeed: 135.9, launch angle: 12.9, AoA: -1.6, sidespin: -311backspin: 2945, total spin: 3030, descent angle: 39, carry: 221.79total distance: 246.47, offline: -23.66, peak height: 30.82
That's 255-267
I gotta work on hitting up on ball to reduce spin. Went back to Golfsmith today and hit shots on Shot Analysis first 6 swings avg. 92 mph getting 230-235 yards - sales guy had me switch to 7.5 degree driver ss avg. was 95 getting 255-367 yards. Why better with lower loft not sure?
I been reading all this stuff the last couple days that I never knew like the ultimate sweet spot on driver is above center of clubhead. A negative number on AoA helps control ball better - not sure about that one?
Ok j I get that what about lowering the spin rate I read I need to hit the sweet spot dead on to get lower numbers, possibly change to another ball and look for a shaft that can lower spin rate?? Can't imagine a shaft that can possibly lower spin rate.
New Posts  All Forums: