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Check out ace of clubs golf co
Seamus Golf located in Beaverton, OR. You'll find something that fits your style.
Spieth's 3 wood from 18 fairway went 275 yards. He doesn't need Max's Muscle Mass Pro Extreme.
1989 Masters Scott Hoch misses 2 foot putt to win in playoff - has to go down as one of the worst in history.
As mentioned earlier the 4 footer DJ was faced with to tie should have been putted with more authority, he shoulda banged it home cuz the next putt really doesn't matter.
Gotta love Jordan what a fine young man. So what does he do to attain such an uncomplicated, simple swing. His grip looks weak to me.
They say a putt to tie is more nerve racking than any other. That's a tough loss for DJ I feel for him.
Hireko, Golfworks and Golfsmith all have great designs and playability in their clubs. Great customer service too.
Tiger has had a trained eye on his swing, starting with his Pop, since he was a kid. His comfort zone is the presence of a trained eye to scrutinize his swing. I don't believe Nicklaus had Jack Grout down his throat every single day.
Tiger is known for taking what he chooses out of a swing session with his coach. He may not take some swing changes into tournament conditions because of lack of confidence. What a wreck that would be doing swing changes in practice sessions but holding off in tournament conditions??
New Posts  All Forums: