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Most often when a player loses that much weight their game goes south.
That's how I remember it Butch told Tiger there was nothing more to teach him it was purely maintenance going forward. Tiger, the goal oriented machine that he was had to move on.
When he marries his favorite downhill racer his game will come back to him.
Scorned by his mother through childhood he discovered an answer to the emptiness by caddying at a local golf course. Reluctant to return home at the end of his work day he would putt into the darkness. It would lead to a finite touch on the greens later in life. Married and father of 11 children he had a heart of gold second to none.
Dump the high tech Teach and go it alone. I gotta believe that student >teacher.
This goes back at least 15 years at Buick Open Grand Blanc, MI - drive ends up in right side rough trees blocking shot toward green, I say to myself he has to punch out to fairway leaving a clear shot to green. This guy hit a low hook that resembled a banana and the ball bounced its way up onto green. Incredible!
It's not like Tiger has been a stellar chipper by any means, even his days under Haney there was much room for improvement. Haney eluded to it in "The Big Miss".
Will Dr. Phil please step in...
High Shool golf team 1973 1st hole Par 4 at Kielbasa Links - chipped in from fringe, I mis-hit shot and skulled it going directly at hole it hit the pin and fell in hole.
Jenkins is an a.. that's a given. Not sure why Golf Digest publish such distasteful parody interview - they may have accomplished more sales for the month of December but beyond that they lose big time.
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