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Jenkins is an a.. that's a given. Not sure why Golf Digest publish such distasteful parody interview - they may have accomplished more sales for the month of December but beyond that they lose big time.
This could be his stepping stone to coaching the Ryder Cup in future.
Slow players don't know that they play slow or they make it right in their own mind that they are not that slow. Heck they don't know what they don't know.
Can't see a benefit of clubface in that condition. 00 steel wool will do the trick Joe it should make rust disappear. Maraging or blending of materials was used some years ago to achieve a greater hardness in clubface.
Tiger would not knowingly wear a pair of mom jeans. My guess is that he got up too early that particular morning and grabbed the wrong jeans at the foot of the bed. Those are LV's jeans lol
I've spent most of my playing days in the rough and yes, at times deep rough. I play a hooded 5 iron with a set-up of ball between belly button and back foot - keep hands ahead of clubhead throughout swing and finish swing with hands low.
There is no shoulda, coulda, woulda period. If there was - well Jack came in second place a boatload of times. I agree, Tiger is at 14 cuz it is what it is.
I've seen Tiger on the practice range using a rolled up towel stretched across his chest held under each armpit. He was hitting iron shots and towel stayed in place. Not sure what you accomplish by this.
With the Foley days behind Tiger he can swing away with a renewed confidence and leave that straightjacket form of a swing in his rear view mirror. Yeah he wins a major in 2015.
It takes years to build a solid, upstanding reputation but only a few words to destroy it. As one of the most outspoken PGA Presidents, maybe it was only a matter of time for Bishop to stick foot in mouth. How ironic that Suzie Whaley, if elected as PGA Secretary, will be in line for PGA President in a short few years.
New Posts  All Forums: