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I agree that we as members of TST could be a closer knit group. One activity that major corporations employ is offsite team competitive games/competitions. It improves comaraderie among employees. Our administrator with the help of moderators could orchestrate the teams and competition.
Last week I played in a Senior Mens Championship Tournament in Ann Arbor. I could have played far better if I was allowed to play "winter rules", purchase mulligans, etc. There are competitions and then there is tournament golf, the two are at different ends of the spectrum.
Maltby, Hireko, Monark, Pine Meadow are all good sources - buying a used OEM set and re-shafting is good too.
There is a multitude of choices when it comes to bounce. What should you use for everyday as opposed to tight cut fairways?
I like 99.9% of the guys on tour - then there's Rory Sabbatini he just seems like a bitter person.
I read an article on Tom Weiskopf years ago which he described playing a round of golf by himself late in the day. He hit a stray shot and while walking through the brush he fell into a quick sand/ sink hole. In a short time he sank in the quick sand past his waist. Every effort to move to the side and pull himself up was met with sinking deeper into the quicksand. He said he yelled for help but nobody heard him. Sinking deeper as every second ticked by he realized the end...
That's my beef about the LPGA Chris simply not right. I can see if it was a practice round but absolutely not in tournament conditions. Going forward there should be some changes made but heck some viewers out their could care less.
Some years ago Tiger was making $10,000,000 from tournament prize money per year, his annual endorsements brought him over $90,000,000.
To clear questions regarding how many exact years - BY 2020 - that gives Rory 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 (20 Majors).
Two majors in a row, three straight wins! Rory has found a way to dig deep within to separate himself from the competition. He will achieve 6 more majors by 2020 for a total of 10 majors.
New Posts  All Forums: