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Cialis commercials are sheer entertainment they make me laugh. Crazy commercials that promote a good product. I thought I might give it a try. The first time I took one it got stuck in my throat. I had a stiff neck for 4 hours!
I like to see a major that is a strong test to par. I believe a great shot deserves a good outcome none of this concave fairways that wind up in the gutter.
If you're ever on the East side we will tee it up at The Orchards!
I want to boost my game with Adipower boost. Dustin Johnson -12 Jordan Spieth -12 Justin Rose -12
Jack and Tiger were both ahead of their time. Wasn't it Jack that began walking off distances to the green way back when? Tiger turned a gentleman's game into a sport with his work-out ethic. It was Tiger who began using a solid core ball.
The strength of field in WGC events is certainly one of the strongest. Tiger has won more than any other. Given his major wins + WGC wins he gets my vote for GOAT.
Two keys will unlock the door to greatness: Butch Harmon Lindsey Vonn
Bubba is not the only one who stands tall on Tour but is far smaller in real life situations.
No troubles on my progressive lenses, but when wearing the contacts it doesn't work well.
Yeah was rooting for Spieth all the way. Amazing how he rebounded from double bogey to go birdie, birdie mid round.
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