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The last one took about 2 buckets of balls on the range.  Yes, I'm serious.  YRMV
Congratulations on acquiring a non-fatal addiction.  You have an obsession for a lifetime.     I qualify as a geezer these days, I'm in my 60's.  I bought my first set of Northwestern blade irons at a garage sale for $13 and tried to teach myself.  Had a great time.  I finally achieved a single digit handicap about 3 years ago and consistently shot low 80's to high 70's.  However, my swing came from what I saw on TV and the success was short lived.  I have trouble...
  This is just a general comment by me and not directed to any one individual.   It's called self control.  It's a choice.  If you can't control yourself playing a stupid game it calls into question what else in your life is out of control.  Grow up.
I'd start with a good chiropractor along with physical therapy.  Each condition is different and needs to be addressed that way.  BTW, if you cough or sneeze and experience pain when doing that you may have disc problems.  Start with the most conservative treatments.  
There are a few things that will cause inconsistency.  Some basics to keep in mind are to keep your head still.  You can get by with a lot of things if your head doesn't move left or right or up and down.  Another thing that we amateurs do is to ignore the proper weight transfer.  In the back swing make sure your weight does NOT go to the outside of your back foot.  As for the triangle, take a look at Ben Hogan's swing in slo mo.  The (for right handers) right elbow...
I picked up a set of 1992 Hogan Apex Redline blades yesterday. My "old" set is forged cavity back. After hitting 2 buckets of balls yesterday and today I took them to the course. They are harder to hit but I find I'm focusing on swinging correctly. When I do my part the clubs do what I want. I think if you want to be a better golfer blades would help.
New Posts  All Forums: