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hey guys... I've been hitting my irons pretty well this year..... finally im consistently hitting GIR and getting pretty good check ups with my wedges.... Even though i can get my sand wedge to bounce once and stop I cannot get it to spin back.... usually i hit my SW a little low.... Do u think if i tried getting more height that would help it spin more??? Any thoughts or anyone struggle with this?? Thanks
thank you, i have a 3H and 4H Cobra Baffler. I hit them very good but was unsure of the higher loft Hybrids.
 Never heard that explanation before. it seems like something ill try. Thanks a million
I have tried EVERYTHING!!! ball position, stance, grip, hooding and nothing consistently works. I have had lessons and hit my irons decent. I tried aiming for my slice and of course, when i aim 50 yards right of the pin, the ball seems to go straight into the next fairway. Has anyone had this problem and how long, or what tips can you give me. Much thanks
does anyone have any REAL feedback on the A2 OS 5 and 6 hybrids?
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