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so true, i have one and still use it. when i retire it, i will contact you.
They are slightly better, but i would buy the older ball if you can find it on sale.
ebay has everything :)
Galvin Green is great and that is what i use. i prefer not to play in the rain, but if i am a few holes to finish i will put my suit on. if i am half way, i would just stop and continue when the rain stops.
your using the right shaft. your shaft is not causing your hook, its your swing. 2 years self taught and your a 10 handicap. its either your full of crap or you play all day, every day. do you give yourself gimmie puts from the fairway? lol.
i think this is a gimmick putter. doesn't teach you how to be a better golfer, but pacify your faults. i would use this more for a training aid, but not my full time putter. it would be an expensive trainer. im about 6" and i use a 35 putter. you might want to try a 2 or 3 ball putter to fix your alignment.
warbird is a distance ball, but i still can make this ball back up on a full swing. i can't say the same for a chip, it will roll.
i never refit, i just buy new clubs every year and get refitted that way.
you can paint with enamel paint from michaels or joanns. they have one made for metal and takes 48 hours to cure.
i found at a local sports store have a dozen ram balls for 4.99, and they sometimes go on sale with 25% off. i love these balls when i'm practicing or when i haven't played in a long time.
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