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As goofy as it is to admit, I caught a putting special on the golf fix with michael breed and literally had my putter standing in front of the tv doing the drills he mentioned. Ive putted better than I ever have.
Thanks, I was not aware! new wedges by then for sure
might have to give these a go. thanks for the insight
well I play wedges that are no longer conforming (cg15's) and I certainly dont care. Im in no way going to play any type of competition. I'm like the idea a little
Have been playin the gamer tours all year and will continue to do so. great golf ball in my opinion
you seem smitten with those ap2's. congrats im happy you found a club that fits you well!
My apologies for not catching that!
I'm glad i stumbled into this thread. I can offer a little insight with regards to the rocketbladez..   As other have mentioned they are not blades... I have owned the clubs for a few months now and while the reviews are great for these clubs they arent quite for me. I felt like the 4-7 irons with the speed slot or whatever they call it feels alot differnent than 8-gap. I could never get comfy with them and i recently sold them...   Im with you, a little lost...
Thats freaking awesome. They put out a great product thats for sure, ive worked on plenty of them. Great attention to detail and well built
what kinda bow you shooting? What company do they own?   I shoot alot of 3-D's and in the winter i shoot in a league. Nothing better than climbing the tree first day..   Just started bowling as well..even got my own bowling ball with my name on it!
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